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It is so wierd. I'm far away and physically safe, but this has been such a life changing event for the entire country and world. All the video footage and eyewitness reports don't really bring it home. All the other similar images logged in my brain are from movies...they seem so foolish and exploitive in retrospect.

The going definitley just got much wierder than ever before.<FONT size="1">

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It sure did.

It's just so sad to see. I find it hard to understand why people would do these things, and teach their children to do them, and most of all, think its right and that they've done something good for God.

Having said that, it still feels so distant...like it isn't real. Even watching it all on tv and reading 250 odd posts on this forum hasn't made it reality in my mind. I'm sure it will kick in but something of this magnitude is hard to 'digest' if you will.

What do you think President Bush will do in response?? It must be a very difficult time for him.
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