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Dalbello Boot Flex-- Puzzling Situation

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I recently picked up a pair of Dalbello Axion 9's and have generally been thrilled with them. I have short, wide-ish, flat Hobbit feet and these are the first boots since my old yellow Lange Tii's in high school that feel comfortable all day. The potential problem is, I can only flex them about .5 to .75 of an inch forward, max. Of course, it's worst when I have the top buckles tight. When they're loose, I can get a tiny bit more flex, but then I have some slop at the top of the boot cuff which makes my body position feel like it's in limbo.


I guess my question is, is this enough flex? My skis seem a bit twitchy and unforgiving with this level of stiffness. It almost feels like there's an occasional fight breaking out between my boots and my skis--with my boot sometimes overdriving my skis and at other times my skis kicking back up through my boots and throwing me off balance a little. In groomed conditions on blues and greens, I can drive them pretty smoothly and aggressively, but that's about it.


I'm an intermediate getting back into the sport, so part of this is certainly my lack of skill.  Yet, I'm also 5'4" and weigh 150lbs, so I'm wondering if I lack adequate leverage, regardless of the flex rating on these. Everyone I've spoken to say that the Axion 9 is not a stiff boot at all. I could pick up an Axion 8 at a decent price, and it's a half size smaller which I could probably use, width-wise. Not sure if I should keep working with what I have, and what the next step should be.



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try doing the power strap up around the liner only,   see if that feels better.  If it does, then get the boots made softer.

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Thanks!  Did a quick test and I think that should work. What's the most common way to soften up these Cabrio-style boots? Any chance I could find a softer, replacement tongue?

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If you were to generate 2 "Gs" in a turn you would be loading the boot up with double your body weight (300lbs) for a few nano seconds during the turn---this should be sufficient to bend the boots you have provided your center of mass is loading the front of the boot. I would have to question whether this is happening or not.

Burning quads?

Perhaps a fore/aft balance issue?

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It isn't necessary to drive skis powerfully anymore and personally I'm not certain it ever was, but that is another discussion.  It is unlikely boot stiffness is causing your problem.  Sounds more like a binding position problem to be with the bindings being too far forward.  


What skis are you using and how are they mounted?  Is there a scale on the side of the ski showing a range of different positionS



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Thanks for everyone's collective wisdom!  (This is a great resource.) Ultimately, I may just have to make a trip to one of the better, semi-local boot fitters to have everything set up properly.


It's interesting, one place where the problem seems most noticeable is just cruising around. It's tough to ride relaxed. Cat tracks are a bear. One thing I did notice was that the cant of the boots was set on the high side. Since I have pretty collapsed ankles, I wonder if this amplified the inside edge pressure? Last time out, it did almost feel like the skis wanted to turn into a wedge if I wasn't really driving them.


As for whether I'm pressuring them correctly, likely not. Given the perceived reactiveness of the  set-up, getting my weight forward has felt sketchy.


BTW, skis are Blizzard Magnum 8.0 CA's, 165. Looks like they just have one, mid-sole reference mark for mounting.

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