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Head Great Joy

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I set out this season to fine a replacement for my 5ish year old Auras as a daily driver ski. I've loved them very much but I knew they were reaching the end of their life as a daily ski. I had also been disappointed with their ability to really grab an edge on firm snow which had also done some damage to my confidence at higher speeds.

Me: 5'6" on the heavier side, childhood racer, former racing coach, will ski (almost) anything, love bumps, powder, steeps and the occasional fast groomer. Trees are growing on me. Home mountain is Copper Mountain.

Honestly, I haven't kept up with gear over the last few years as I got busier in my daily life so I went into the project with no idea where to start. I saw that Outdoor Divas (a local women's sporting gear shop) was offering a demo day in mid-December so I wandered into their shop the day before to get some thoughts on what to ski. The woman working immediately raved about these skis so I put them on my list along with a few others. They were the first skis I demoed and I fell in love. Conditions were weird and included ice, frozen chicken heads and slush. I said they were weird. I skied a few others and decided to take the Great Joys out one more time to see how they felt after the others which sealed the deal. I purchased the 163 and the matching Tyrolia Attack 12 binding the next day. I debated on the 163 vs the 168 but since I was able to rip as fast as I wanted on the 163 demo I decided to go with it as the shorter length would be helpful in trees and bumps.

I've now skied these around 10 days and I am head (hehe) over heels in love. I can set an edge and fly on steep and hard slopes, maneuver bumps with ease and fluidity (or so a friend says, I often don't feel like I'm fluid) bust through crud and I barely notice and ski powder with ease. I can change up my turn radius at will and they are lightweight yet burly.

I had lost so much confidence in my skiing after a few years of challenges including health, being hit by snowboarders and skiing with some very slow athletes I was coaching for too many days. I had gotten to the point where I felt like I couldn't keep up with many of my ski buddies which was really difficult lt for me. I spent 3 days skiing at Crested Butte this week with many of them and had no issues keeping up. If I was following it was mostly by choice (Segbrown is a lot of fun to follow around a mountain). I feel like I'm back, better than ever, and have the sticks to do what I want to do.

I highly recommend you give these a try.
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You definitely have a handle on those skis. It was a pleasure to watch you own the bumps and fly all over the mountain. You found the ski for your style fo' sure.
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Thanks Draughtguy! biggrin.gif
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