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Non-symetrical turns?

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Well, not really non-symetrical, because other people tell me that they look the same and when I look at my tracks from a series of linked turns they're generally even. But they feel different! I feel slighly more natural turning to the right, but my right leg - the downhill ski on a left turn - is the stronger one. The only thing I can think of is maybe my counter-rotation (but not angulation) is more pronounced when turning to the right. I'll have to look for that next time I ski. It's not a problem, but I find it interesting. Any comments (assumes defensive position)?


By the way, I'm 66 and have been skiing since 1960, used to race a bit, ski mostly steep groomers in the East, and am probably somewhere between levels 7 & 8 at this point in time. And I don't know anyone with an all-weather video camera - I've never seen myself ski!

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It is of course natural to favor one side over the other. Snowboarders talk about riding regular or goofy foot. What I've always found interesting is that at the start of every season right turns and left turns feel the same, but as the season progresses they start to feel different. Makes no sense to me. In any case if the tracks look the same and your turns look the same to others why worry about it. And console yourself with the fact that being ambidextrous is the sign of a weak mind.

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Oops - just noticed that this topic has already been addressed: 


That, and that I misspelled, "Symmetrical!"

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