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Quadricep Tendon Tear Recovery

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Have been a follower of this forum for a year and as today is the 1 year anniversary of my left quad tendon repair surgery he is my story:



56 year old male, avid runner (have completed 1/2 marathons), cyclist and golfer (...always prefer to walk).

I am in technical sales which involves working in factories in the USA and China...a lot of walking and a lot of stairs at some accounts.



Slipped on and icy street 10 yards from a customers doorsteps on 13-JAN-2014.  Could not raise my left leg to right myself and knew something was wrong and after gathering myself to an upright position (thanks to some assistance from incoming workers) I surmised my best option was to get to an emergency room ASAP.  I felt no pain at this point and because it was my left leg I pleaded with my helpers to load me into my vehicle as I decided it best to drive the 1 hour back to my hometown hospital. I was met in the hospital parking lot by my wife who wheelchaired me into the emergency room.  After X-rays it was determined I had a completely torn left quadriceps tendon and would need surgery to repair.  14-JAN-2014 was historic in my life in that I had to use the first "sick day" of my 34 years of employment. Surgery was done on 16-JAN, 2.5 hours, but was home by 1:30pm.  Took the prescribed pain pills for 1 day then an Advil PM at night for a week to help sleep.  Staples out in 2 weeks and carefully balanced on 1 leg to shower with the help of a chair to get over the shower edge.  Was allowed to start PT at 4 weeks though followed a regime at home 3X a day to keep accelerating the recovery. Got ROM to 130 degrees. Finally was fitted with a hinged knee brace at 7 weeks and returned to work at 8 weeks.  Probably could have returned much earlier if I had a desk job but as this was a workmen's comp case I had to follow orders.  I was back on the golf course by mid-May...albeit in a golf cart, but was walking again with the knee brace by early June.  Did mostly cycling and a lot of walking during the summer and graduated from PT in early June.  Started a running routine on a treadmill at the local YMCA that I belong to in October but have not pushed that too much as am happy with my 1 mile at a 8 min pace.  It usually takes about a 1/2 mile for the knee to feel somewhat normal.  Ran 1.5 mile last weekend and knee was sore for an extra day so will continue to ramp it up at a slower pace.  Given all that's happen I know I am not as invincible as I once thought I was and maybe I will never be able to run another 1/2 marathon again but I am grateful for where I am after 1 year post op... as I have read many a story on this site that have struggled much more than I. 

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Thanks for sharing your experience. Slipped on my dock 7 days ago, came down hard and could not move my left leg. After consultation and MRI I have a nearly complete tear of my left quadriceps. Going to surgery 0745 tomorrow. It's good to be able to read about how all this goes.l
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