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shipping skis?

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I wasn't quite sure this is the right place for this question, but anyway....perhaps someone here has done this before.

I have a pair of skis (with bindings mounted) that someone from out of state wants to buy. What's the best way to package them for shipping? Any ideas? If you boxed them, where did you find a box the right shape and size? How did you ship them?


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Have received used skis wrapped in the following manner. Thought it was efficient and elegant.

Remove brakes from skis. Put skis together with top sheets facing each other, toe to tail, so bindings touch other skis top sheet. Wrap skis together with shipping tape. Wrap brakes and secure to one of the top sheets, in between the two skis. Find a box long and wide enough, pack extra space w/ wadded paper or shipping bubble so the skis don't shift in box. Wrap and ship box.

Good luck.
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Go to your nearest ski shop or other store that would receive shipments in long boxes and ask them if they'll give one to you.

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Definitely use a box - REI is a great place to get a ski box if you're near one. They just recycle the ones all their new skis come in. And pad/wrap them the way you would want to receive them, so they're well protected inside the box.


Also, check this thread, particularly this post...


For US Shipments I would suggest USPS Parcel Select (formerly known as Parcel Post). It's cheap and reliable, and you get a tracking number on your receipt. You can additionally pay for signature confirmation if you feel that's necessary.


Good luck.   ;-)

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