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Crossover drills

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Does anyone know any drills for learning crossover movements that can be done at home?

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I'm afraid this type of thing isn't one that you could do effectively at home. Crossover is a dynamic thing and has too many elements that cannot be duplicated in your living room. 

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You can run downhill in the shape of linked turns. Your CM will need to move from inside one arc to inside the next, crossing the path of your feet. It's not skiing and it can't be done in your living room but you might get a feel for the CM movement if you don't mind going outside to play.
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Would inline skating (downhill) count?


Try this indoor drill at home.


That was written up specifically for that thread. I've done a few variations of this drill for people in slightly different situations. There are lots of different things we can emphasize and learn from this. It depends on what you need.

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Thanks Rusty, I'll try out this drill.

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Uhh, parallel turns on skates UPHILL...
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