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Telemark skis

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Here is what I know about I don't like good stuff in the dumpster so I grabbed these figuring someone might want them. You pay the freight and they hit the mail by Saturday.

1. Dynastar Altitude 195 cm, drilled for ?, bases dry but no real blemishes, light rust on already sharp edges, tops score a 9.3 from the judges. Saved these from the chopper because they are on such great shape, seemed a waste.

2. K2 Super Stinx Telemark 181cm, Black Diamond bindings (grey aluminum tubes between toe and heel say midstiff 101 n/cm) bases are a 9.5, tops...solid 8, edges have no rust and are sharp, needs nice wax job. Grabbed these for $4.99 at the Salvation Army thinking someone would want the skis or bindings or both. I will eat the $5 just to see them go to a good home.

I hate to see quality gear go to waste and these need very little to get back on snow.

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Are the k2 skis and bindings still available? If so I would love to use them.

Thank you

845 380 2970
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My ski school maintains a loaner fleet of tele gear, if the above poster doesn't end up with the K2's I'll take em. 

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Sorry for the delayed reply, but the K2's are gone. If no one wants the Dynastars by January 25 I am going to give them to the ski chair maker. (that's when I am going to go trade a pile of crap 90's cap skis and uninspired sport skis for a fresh pile of retro skis :) )

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