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Pilates instructors: question

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Now that EpicSki has corraled several of you, I have a question. A friend of mine is a Pilates instructor in New York and would like to move to ski country, but thinks she'll have trouble making a living. Says it takes time to build a clientele, that ski towns are too small, and the skiers that pass through wouldn't be clients. What do you think? Could a Pilates instructor make it in ski country? If so, what would be your plan?
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Ski town????? unless its affulent and well populated like Vail/Aspen etc. (and who wants to live there anyway)
would be real tough. But a small city like Bozeman MT. Boise ID. etc. She could probably do well.
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It would depend upon where she decided to live. Obviously, if she moved to one of the New England Ski areas, she would earn a good deal less than she did in NYC, but her cost of living would be considerably lower. The plus side, would be the fact that unlike NYC, the New England ski area are not saturated with Pilates teachers, so she could develop a following of locals.
Another issue, is one of the "even the best laid plans" philosophy. Often, people intend to continue their workouts while on a ski vacation, but are too beat after skiing to do anything else.
I would choose an area where many of the locals would be interested in year round training. Perhaps something like Colorado or Utah. Offer ski specific Pilates workshops in the fall, when people come to the mountains for hiking.
At Whistler, many of the instructors are taking Pilates. Try to have her hook up with a ski school and do instructor training programs. If she is qualified, she can even run Pilates certification programs, which would be a great off season job for ski instructors.
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Another thought. If she combines it with a massage and physical therapy clinic she would do alot better.
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Pilates sounds like one of those embarresing personal problems that requires a special cream that they keep on the back shelf at the drug store.
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