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350lbs man needs skis

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I am looking for backcountry skis for my cousin. They don't need to be turnable or glide extremely well... they just need to float enough so that they're easier to use than snowshoes. I was thinking the Marquette backcountry ski? Does anyone know if it's even possible to outfit such a big guy with skis?

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Had he skied before?

I'd think you need twide. Like really wide. K2 pontoons are pretty damn wide, I'm not sure what skis are bigger than that
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He has not skied before. I am thinking something with skins attached so he doesn't go flying and injure himself. At 6'8", he has a long way to fall.

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Please don't say that he is actually going into the backcountry first time out, because that would be an epically bad idea. Is he actually skiing (like downhill) or just using them for transportation, like if he was hunting?

What state is he skiing? Is he skiing at a resort? If so, he doesn't need fat skis. So many questions here.....
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Originally Posted by skiNEwhere View Post

Please don't say that he is going to actually going into the backcountry first time out

 From the sounds of it, this dude should be fine.  Sounds like the trees will gladly get out of his way.

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Not downhill...just hiking on flat ground for transportation. Like a 'sliding snowshoe'

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I'd say get two toddler snowboards and chuck some XC bindings on them, but those boards are only rated up to about 100# each.  Might be hard to get a warranty claim when a 6'8" 350# man tries to return two broken ones with a single binding on each.

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Look at the Voile Vector BC (98 mm waist) and the Charger BC (114 mm waist); they can be fit with skins.  They are waxless.  They are easy to turn.  They will let him grow his technique.  If he progresses to where there is some signficant downhill, being able to turn the ski w/o skins on is much safer than trying to go down w skins.  Get a supportive boot too.  Not cheap but cheaper than physical therapy or surgery.

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