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Are the trees ready in Stowe?

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How is the coverage in the woods, will they be ready this weekend, or should I steer clear for a bit longer?
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Paging @epic, @freeski919 who are probably more-up-to-date than I am...


That said, I was up this past weekend.  There are definitely tracks forming into the woods, and they've gotten more snow this week, with more apparently coming over the weekend.  I haven't done much poking around yet in the woods myself...  natural snow trails (Goat, Chin Clip, etc.) had "highly variable" conditions -- i.e., sweet for a few turns and then rock-hard "snow" for a few turns.  The glades I poked around in were much the same in terms of conditions...


Basically, I'd think the woods are reasonably ski-able if you're cautious.


Caveat:  There are a disturbing number of tracks heading into what used to be Goat Woods.  Goat Woods is trashed by the wind-storm this past summer.  Just don't go in there.

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Kevin, you've been there more than I have so far this year, so your skis on snow is better than mine. However, I will say that the seasonal ski school program was given the go ahead to start using the woods this past weekend.

And I concur with Kevin. Stay out of Goat Woods. It's just dangerous in there. 10-20 feet of downed trees stacked on top of each other.
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Short answer - yes. But be careful.
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Pretty much what I expected.  Was looking tempting a couple of weeks ago, but better judgement kept me out.  Sounds like it might be worth a look this weekend.


Totally agree on Goat woods, I skied Goat when it was open and have scoped the damage from a variety of way am I going in there, the damage is hard to comprehend without seeing up close.  Crazy to see tracks going in.

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Thanks for the updates.

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