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Deepening the scales on my XC skis

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So I got a cheap pair of former-rental XC skis this fall and am having trouble on slick hardpacked hills. The scales on these skis are quite shallow compared to my old pair, and I think that's preventing me from getting good grip.


Has anyone re-cut the scales on their skis to deepen them? Any tips to pass along? I really need a good base grip on these skis as I do most of by XC skiing pulling a loaded Chariot.

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Kicker skins are your friend.

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I've never heard of anyone re-cutting a pattern. I've seen where some people cut a pattern into a ski base that had non with fair results.  The combination of icy trails pulling a load would call for a ski that was not too stiff for your weight, a positive fishscale pattern and good technique. But if you have the time and patience I suppose a Dremel and 10 hours or so give it a shot. Or some skins as suggested.

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I've got a pair of waxless skis that have many, many miles on them.  The fishscales are quite worn and have lost a lot of their grip.


I've had pretty good luck using cross country kick was, like SWIX.


Just rub a lot of it on the fishscales.  Worth a try.

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