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ACL Awareness Video - Anyone Seen It?

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This is the one made by Vermont Safety Research (www.vermontskisafety.com). I was thinking of getting this for our ski club. I recall that it had good success with patrollers. Would it also be good for a wider spectrum of skier abilities and ages?

Are there any others?
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YEs. It is good. Has saved my kneess over and over again since I watched it.
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A great video and guide. Everyone should see it!!!
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Does it contain comprehensive knee specific strenghtening exercises ?

Can it be bought online ?

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'll add a third endorsement!

(Although the early version I have does not provide any physical fitness routines -- I don't know what the latest version might have.)
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It changed the way I fall. Seriously. Certain actions that you might take during a fall in an attempt to recover apparently put you in a hips-lower-than-knees, uphill-arm-back position that can completely blow your acl by the lever action of your ski tails against the knee joint. Anyways, don't pass up an opportunity to see the video. See it, see it, see it. I'll be seeing it again in two weeks at our ski patrol refresher weekend and I intend to re-commit to memory the moves I need to make to protect my acl and my ski season.
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The only thing I know about ACL is that if I'm falling, espescially backward, I should just go with it, instead of trying to stop it.
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I have not seen the video, but have been to the site. One crucial thing is the importance of hamstring strength. Especially for women. Most people have a big hamstring quad muscular imbalance.
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Watch the video! Save your knees. You will recognize situations where you might have injured your knees, but was lucky that time.

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It changed the way I fall. Watching it has also changed when I try to make a recovery and when I don't. I think it would have a positive impact on anyone watching it.

No knee stability exercises in the version I watched. Plenty of home video of people tearing their knees up and graphics of how to avoid it.

Learn about the original PHANTOM FOOT and all it's evils. :
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Wow. This place (epicski) is such a wealth of information, it never ceases to amaze me.

Thanks for the great info about ACL awareness! I just printed out the form and I'll be sending in my check for the video.

Thanks again, all!

I'm turning tomorrow!
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Yes i have seen it every year since it has come out. It's part of our training for all Mt. Operations Staff as well as ski instructors. Yes it has saved me from blown the acl, many a time.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've ordered the video. I will not only watch it along with my wife (she has one surgically repaired ACL) but also with other memebers of our ski club.
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I know this is going to bump up an old thread, but has anyone else seen this?


I returned to skiing after a decade off the slopes. Skiing was like riding a bike--that was the easy part. If I had remembered to fall instead of fight it when I got in the back seat, I might still have my ACL.


Is it worth it? Are the instructors and patrollers still using it?

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Most ski schools will have this video. Stop by there and ask if you can see it.
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