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SRD Rolling Bag

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I will be buying a ski bag in the next few days and would like some insight on the SRD rolling bag. I was about to pull the trigger on the Dakine fall line double after all the praise around here, then saw this over at the Start Haus. It's bigger, cheaper at their price, and I like supporting a business that has done me well in the past and supports this forum. Problem is, there aren't much for reviews or first hand use. The bag will be used for a couple airplane trips a year. I have one pair of skies and will pack the rest of the bag with clothes. I want a good bag that isn't going to be filled with tears and holes after one use.
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I just picked this up from Sierra Trading Post, it quite literally arrived only 3 days ago. I obviously haven't had the time to take it on a trip yet, but from just handling it I'm confident it'll withstand the rigors of travelling. The nylon and stitching seem beefy, the padding is substantial throughout the bag, the handle is solid and comfortable to hold, and it has a smooth rolling function.


I fit two rather sizable skis with heavy bindings, a pair of poles and a small backpack into it and came out just under 50 pounds. I imagine with one pair of skis you'd be just fine using it as your only bag. The interior compression straps seem quite capable of holding skis in place so your gear should remain relatively stable inside. 


My first trip with it is in about a month, so I'll know more then. 

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Thanks for the info. I was hoping someone would have some long term use info to pass along, but I have not seen any anywhere.
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Yeah, can't help you there. I've never handled Dakine's Fall Line bag, but the SRD is certainly better made than the Dakine backpacks I've handled. The other review at Sierra Trading Post said he's used it 3 times without issue; that's the most I ever found on it.
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