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Jackson Hole 1st trip

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Heading to Jackson Hole for first time w a group of buddies and a great week of skiing.  We have been chasing the snow for the past couple of years and to date know they have been getting nuked.


Looking for any advice/tips/equipment recommendations for whats going on there so far this season.  This group of skiers I am going with (myself excluded) are all advanced experts who just flat out ski regardless of condition or what gear they have brought.  They really have no interest in new advances or equipment unless its broken so aren't a wealth of knowledge.


Any advice on outback or areas to look out for, before following my group into the more difficult terrain.


Any rec's on what waist ski is a great all around ski for current conditions would be greatly appreciated. Have a watea 94, bonafide (around 100mm) but nothing wider.  With the snow they have gotten looking into 110+ range so appreciate any input.


My skill level is I am not a newbie by any means, consider myself an advanced intermediate, just know my limits so what to watch out for in this area as well as any equipment tips will make this trip epic.


Thanks in advance

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You can probably start here :


@Bob Peters  wrote that and hopefully will stop by.


And some searching will reveal a bunch of threads. The EpicSki gathering is in JH this year in early February, so lots of folks around here are planning to head out there. 


PS - You joined a really long time ago to just be making your first post!! :) 

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^^^ the guide is a pretty good introduction if you haven't been to Jackson before! Regarding skis, you bonafide will be very good to ski anything in jackson, if you want to rent or demo skis wait for a big dump, otherwise just ski the bonafide and you will be happy!

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I've been skiing almost everyday this season on my Fischer Motive 95.  The Motive has been a great ski for me this season and I think it might be the best OSQ that I've ever had.  I had been using the E88 as my primary ski for the previous 2 seasons and the season before that used an E98 and loved them both.  I think you will be just fine with your Bonafides.  If we get enough snow that you think you need fatter you can demo lots of different types of skis in Teton Village.  PM me before you go and I can help you with some sort of discount.

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What are you skiing now?  Jackson can be many things!  I've been skiing there since the late 60's.  Things have changed a lot in regards to people's "quivers" and what to bring.  In the "day, it was a GS ski area in order to cut the crud and rock the packed.  If you want to keep up with your pals, I would suggest a 95-100 something waist, like a Kasltle FX 94 or 98.  This would allow many "linked recoveries' in stuff over your head, and build confidence as the time goes on!  If you go over 100 you may find yourself in a crud, crusted, packed powder experience that will maybe give you a fat lip as fatter skis won't cut through it, rather they'll bounce of the crud.  The slightly thinner waist, while one edge will carve it up.  Just my opinion, but then again, a 62 mm GS was the shitzatz in the day!


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Originally Posted by mfa81 View Post

... bonafide will be very good to ski anything in jackson ...


The Watea 94 wouldn't be too far off the mark either, by the way.

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