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Where should I ski?

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I'm deciding between the following for a late Feb/early March ski trip: Sun Valley, Big Sky, Whitefish, Whistler, Jackson (I've already been once).


2-3 people, all can ski pretty much anything.


Which do you recommend in terms of mountain conditions, terrain, affordability and après-ski/nightlife?



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The answer depends on how much priority you put on your various considerations.


Whistler is definitely the best combination of the things you listed except for affordability.  It will be the most expensive of your options, unless you hunt for and score some good deals.  That said, I'd still recommend it for your trip, as every skier should experience Whistler at least once in their skiing lives.  It's the Disney-World of skiing.

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Well, we're the cheapest lift tickets of that lot. Maybe the cheapest beer as well. But you don't say where you are flying out of, which could be an issue for here, Big Sky, Jackson, Sun Valley, etc.

If you mean you want to ski stuff like Corbett's, then this is not the place for you. We have cliffs, but nothing that's written up in magazines.

Good place for people who like long cruising groomers and/or trees. Low crowds. Low glitz. Good bars and beer.

So far, we have a good base relative to many areas (114% of normal). Whether that will still be the case in six weeks, who knows?
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I should clarify that I'm flying out of New York City.

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No cliffs. Just regular black diamonds, maybe the occasional double blacks.

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There's two blacks that are usually moguled, but clear of trees.  Two of the other single blacks are usually groomed.  Four others occasionally groomed.  MOST are treed.  


Double blacks are never ever groomed and may involve cliffs, while not losing the trees.  


Check out my locals guide to see if you are interested.  


We sometimes have fog.  You may have heard.  ;)


Recent trip report over on SkiDiva (not sure if you can see it or not):

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