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No ski for me

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I`ve just had some badass chirurgy done in my knee. And the status is: No skiing this seeson. I feel like **** , can`t realy imagine a winter with out skiing.
But anyway, to keep the good spirits up, I`ll probaly visit this forum more frequently. So if any of you have questions regardig big mountain skiing, jibbing or skiing in Norway. Just ask....

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Oh wow, really sucks to be you right now.

In the long run it will be worth it. There's always another season. Keep your spirits up. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I gaurantee snow will fall in mass quantities next year. hang in man. stick like glue to the PT that's all I got to say on that. good luck
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There's always next year and you've got lots of years left. Use the time to improve your fitness and your strength. Visualize coming back even better than before.

Cheers and write often. We're here for ya.
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Bad news

Be sure to hang out here and listen to your PT.. Take care. We'll be thinking of you..
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Sorry to hear that, einarni! We'll all make some turns for you, and look forward to hearing from you. Speedy recovery! As others with experience have said--do take that PT seriously, as painful as it may be....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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i got my self allmoust in wheelchair few seasons ago. i broke my back quity badly, no jumping for me anymore, but who cares when you can ski in powder? =)

how much costs to rent a cottage or flat for 7 days in narvik, in aprill or may? and skiing tickets?

make a fast recovery

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Welcome to Epicski, and glad you were able to stay out of the Wheel chair.
You might want to post your question about the flat/cottage in the Resorts/travel section.
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I sympathize, einarni. I spent the winter of 1995-96 recovering from surgery to repair an Achilles tendon I severed skiing the Saturday after Thanksgiving Day. Follow the physician and therapist orders and it'll all come back.
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Wow! I didn't know they watched Seinfeld in Norway!
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Gosh darn, and a few other words. Sorry to hear about it.

When my son broke his lower leg last year, we were lucky to have a ski freak as the doctor. We talked it over, and my son was able to ski with his cast!!!

At Windham, NY there is a wonderful disabled skier ski school...so we placed Avery in a "bucket", pretended he was a parapelic, strapped him in, and after four lessons with some wonderful instructors, he was able to control his descent on intermediate trails.

Do they have schools near you for you to try to ski mono or outrigger? Hey, it's still skiing.

hope you have a fast recovery.
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Wow, thanks. I guess I`ll live through this after all.

Ville: Narvik is quite cheep. It costs about 120 norwegian kroner aday for a lift ticket. That`s something like 12$. If you bay a weekspass it will be even cheeper. Accomandation is not so expencive either, I`m not sure but you can probably find something for like 250$ for a week, maybe less if you are more than one person going and settles for a lower standard.

Narvik is a great place to ski at the time of year your thinking of. But call first and check how much snow there is. It warys alot from year to year.
If your not afraid to use your feet to get up I suggest you go to Lyngsalpene: Probaly the most radical skiing area in northen europe.
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