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Help!!! I need bindings!

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A lil about me... I am 6'1", 190 lbs, blond hair.. err.. that is irrelevant...
Ahh.. I just bought (end of last season)
Atomic BetaCarv 9.26s in the 180 variety. (I was skiing on 200 straights.. so they seem about right) Skiied on them a few times, but I think it is time for some better bindings. I am looking for something that will hold me down, but are somewhat affordable. I like to think I am an advanced intermediate skier... So what do you all think? Anyone have anything laying around???
Let me know! Thanks!

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How about a low end Marker?
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There aren't any bad bindings, but there are inappropriate bindings. You know your DIN setting (or you can find it). Buy bindings in the upper half of the manufacturer's line with your DIN setting in the middle third of the binding's setting range. Get any binding that fits your ski (do those Atomic's need a unique binding?) and hunt for the lowest price.

You'll hear from folks that swear by Markers, and folks that will only use Salomons. I ski on Tyrolias, Looks, Rossi (same as Look), Markers and Salomons, 'cuz when I bought each of them, it was the best deal I could get from the dealer. They all work well for me. Don't waste your money by over-buying bindings, and don't under-buy.

Here's the list of older bindings still supported by the makers and able to be worked on by shops. If you can find some old, used skis with good bindings, you might make a good deal.


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Ah a fellow Holiday Valley skier,went opening day last saturday night the 22nd. Well we need more info like what bindings do you have mounted now? What is happening with them? Are you poping out? Whats is the din set at now? What is a reasonable price (150- 200-250)? Since the now discontinued 9.26 beta carv can use any brand binding i would go with a pair of LOOK Pivot bindings, which ones depends on your needed din setting but at your weight i would guess at the 4 to 12 models not sure if the have new names for this year but Pivot 8 were 4 to 12 i beleive. Priced at around $190 to $220. If you want to go with Atomic bindings you would get the Xentrix 4.12's about $200
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I would go with anything that is relativly new and has lift on it - around 10mm - assuming that you will spend a lot of time on groomed snow being at Holiday. Like the previous posts have said, any bindings are good as long as they fit you din range and how much you are willing to pay. Stick with recent bindings, nothing more than 2 years old, as shops will service these longer than they will service older bindings. I personally ski all salomon, because i can get then cheap. If i could get looks or rossis or markers or any other leading brand id ski those. have fun chosing
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Why not put Atomic bindings on them. Maybe Look or Markers. Putting Rossi bindings on Atomics just wouldn't sound right. Actually, any will do. Look for some left overs from last year. Check out the City Garage in Eville. Ask for Shawn.
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FYI: Atomic Warranty's their ski's for an additional year if you use their bindings.
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I would definetly go with Atomic bindings on this one. You could try the 4.12 EX($259). I had a little trouble with Marker bindings this season, and a few guys I know that work at one of the local shops in Vail have had similar difficulties with the toe pieces' prereleasing. Just y experiences though, but I would have to say Atomic skis, Atomic bindings. Plus you get the extra warranty.

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I found Last seasons Atomic 412 ex binding at skitrader.com or was it Al's Ski Equipment Barn? for about $170.00.Thats a pretty good deal on that binding.
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