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Buying used skis

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I’m looking at picking up a used pair of 2010 K2 Hardside 181cm, which I have been told were used 15 or so days on three separate trips out to Whistler.  Is there anything I should be looking out for besides the obvious?  My main concern is that there may be some hidden issues with the skis.  Just to fill in the blanks, I am 53 years old, stand 5’11” weight 180lbs, and have been skiing since my early 30’s.  I am more than an advanced skier, I ski on both my K2 Apache Recons, and Public Enemy’s.  I would be using the skis for skiing in the glades, and breaking through the windswept hard snow here in Quebec and Vermont. Cheers, 

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I suppose the question here is what do you consider to be "obvious"?

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I would say other than obvious damage to things like base and edges, is somehow verifying the actual number of days used.  I would pay quite a bit more for a ski that has been used less than 10 days compared to one that had been used more than 50.  This is a 5 year old ski, and even with only 15 days use, the price would have to be right for me to be interested.

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I would ask before putting the time in to see them the following:


Noticeable damage or any repairs?  Blown edges or core shots are noticeable. 


Condition of the edges?  some oxidation is to be expected unless they had storage wax on them.  Corrosion causing pitting is a problem.


Waxed?  A ski of this age can have very dried out bases and this can be problematic if it is bad, but usually it is not.


Internally I would not worry about anything.


This is a real nice ski with a metal layer that provides a good directional ski and should be an excellent choice.


Bargain low-I would hope for under $200 without bindings.

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Base looks good, no core shots, edges are straight., and the skis have been tuned and waxed.  His asking price is $200 with Rossi bindings.

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Originally Posted by captainsundance View Post

Base looks good, no core shots, edges are straight., and the skis have been tuned and waxed.  His asking price is $200 with Rossi bindings.

How many times have those or other bindings been mounted on the skis?  I would want to know of there are extra holes in them.  No more than three mounts on a pair of skis, and that is if the holes have been plugged properly.

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No, the bindings look to be original, no trace of a previous mount.  I'm more concerned with there being issues with the inner ski, and was wondering if there was any way to identify this?

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There's not much you can do to a ski that won't show on the outside. If they look ok outside they are ok on the inside. Sounds like an excellent deal. Hope he hasn't sold them to someone else yet.

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