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Marker Piston Plate flex adjustment

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I have a Volkl GS (173?) for my U16 daughter to try out that already has these plates mounted. I'd like to put the EPS12.0 on there. It looks the flex is already set for the highest stiffness. I have worked with the regular Marker plates plenty of times (where the flex was fixed) but these piston plates are very different. I cannot figure out how to soften the flex on them without first unscrewing them off the skis first. I see the metal piece from the outside but I cannot see what's underneath.

Can someone provide me with some insight? A video would be best but any descriptive instructions would be great.

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Can you post a picture of the plate you have? Th ere are a few stiffness options on piston plates... At least there used to be... Based on the holes you used to mount them. Make sure you keep the piston engaged though. To be honest though... I've never found that plate to be particularly stiff. What does she weigh now?
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In my experience with Marker World Cup Piston Plates, and I don't know of any that aren't the same basic design through mine are a few years old, one has to remove the plate from the ski to adjust the flex. By moving the spacer underneath the rear of the plate forward, the amount of the plate contacting the ski is reduced, softening the flex of the ski and vice-a-versa. Let us know how this goes.

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Few ways to do it,

you can re-adjust the plastic spacer under the plate

you can change the bolt holders from the floating to the fixed ones

you can add screws in the two holes by the centerline or the single rear one

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I was able to find the manufacturer's binding's manual which has the piston plate information in it.

Yup, the plate were mounted with the stiffest setting. It looks like the only way to change the flex is to remove the plate from the ski and move the insert piece(s) below it. The guy who is selling the skis also called Marker and they said the same thing. In addition, it may be necessary to drill 2 more holes in order to allow the flex plate to adjust. But, I won't know unless I remove the plates.

At this time, I think I'll pass on using the new skis/plates. It's too much of a hassle to do this myself and risk doing it wrong. Or, after all the work, it might end up to be something that would not suit her. If it happens that she advances to a race where the new length is required, then I'll take it to a shop and have it done then. For now, she's stick with her 163cm/17m Nordicas.

BTW, she's 4'9" and about 100 lbs.

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it's really not that complicated if you can take bindings off the skis you can take the plate. take some pictures so we can see the screw set up

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