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It consists of a number of combination exercises like wide followed by close grip bench, dead/shrug is another, leg press toe raise combination also. All exercises are performed in a combination rep in succession and to max exhaustion, usually around 6-8 reps. Number of sets is determined by how long I can keep things going, usually 2-3. But remember each set is like 3 in a way. Do these in a rack or with safety stops and a partner if you can.

This is after warming up with light cardio of 10-15 mins and doing some light sets to warm the muscle groups.

The idea is to kind of shock your system a bit. It's exhausting so I don't do it often, only to restart myself after an absence or when I've hit a plateau or rut. After rest next time in the gym I will resume more normal routines.
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This is a good thread, thanks!

I agree with that hamstring exercisese are very important. Two exercises that I like:

Single leg deadlifts using dumbells. Stand on one leg and as you lower the dumbells toward your foot, raise the other leg (in a locked position) up directly behind you.

One-legged dumbell rows. In this exercise, do a traditional dumbell row while bending over with a flat back. Raise the same leg as the working arm, straight up behind you.

These will really work your hamstrings.
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I find rowing to be really benificial it uses similar muscles. I like to row for a good 20 min then do squats, some ab work and a little arm stuff
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