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Jay peak BC

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Hello Fellow skiers, I've skied jay peak before when I was young but I want to go back and ski there bc..but never what I want to know is how to get to it and everything I need to know on how not to get hurt or lost..any help is good help..Im going to order the goodman book because someone told me it has a good section on jays bc.
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Goodman's book details Big Jay which is accessible through a gate near the top of Jay Peak.  There are also options to hike it from Rt. 242 but that involves climbing for all your vertical gain.  You will need to stash a car, or be prepared for a few miles of hiking or hitching along the road to get back to jay Peak assuming you go from the gate I mentioned.  There is a small parking area where the logging road you want to be skiing out of hits the main road.


Jay has a bunch of side county off the Jet Triple chair to skier's right of timbuktu that is easy to access and explore without getting lost.  Just keep an eye out for tracks traversing back to the ski area and follow them.  I have heard of people getting lost in that area, but not sure how because if you keep going you should hit Route 242.  Farther out in that same area off the Jet is "The Dip".  The Dip is a nice pitch that leads down to Rt.. 242 about a half mile west of the ski area... again a hike or hitch. I have never had to walk more than half of it before getting picked up and driven back to the ski area.  The first time I skied the Dip I researched it by looking at a satellite view of jay Peak on Google Maps.  This gave me confidence that I would not get lost.  I also brought a compass though never needed to consult it.  I will also say that you can ski all the way out to where you can see you have to commit to the dip and easily traverse back to the bottom of the Jet.  


I am sure there are other backcountry options in the region, but these are the ones accessed from Jay Peak.


Don't go alone and keep your party in close contact.  Also don't miss the traverse (to skier's right) to the logging road after skiing Big Jay.  Goodman talks about this in his book.

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Hey Sal,

I was up at Jay for the long weekend and great conditions if you havent made it yet. I would start ducking the ropes along the top of Timbuktu and the Jet triple chair and head to the right like Crank said. What we did was drive a car up rt. 242 for about 2 miles from the jet triple, parked in a nice little pull off of the road (cant miss it) and shuttled back. This provided an easy lift back to the base. If you duck the rope at the top of Timbuktu youll have a nice 30/45 min tree run until you hit rt 242. Big Jay offers longer, more challenging runs but takes more to get out of it trek wise. One thing to keep im mind on either run is be wary of heading too far skier's right or you'll end up in the bowl. Other than that enjoy and definitely check out the water park!

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