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What do you snack on? - Page 2

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Usually some "chicken-food" (müsli/chockolate bars) when skiing alone while sitting on the chairlift, otherwise
My kids leftovers!!
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M&M's with peanuts, power bars, granola bars and I don't want to ride the lift with slider, yow!
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I bet those M&M's in your ski jacket are older than your skis.
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Rarely snack on the chair; usually climb up into the trees or rocks and watch the world go by. Then its seed bars, muffins, and an apple, followed kaluha & coffee and maybe a couple tokes. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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I toss some dried fruit into my food processor and chop it up (usually use apricot and apple). I mix that with some dried oats and peanut butter and roll it into little balls. Sometimes I will add chocolate chips. Then I freeze these balls on wax paper. And wrap em in pairs in tin foil, and eat as snacks between meals.
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