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Toko 70 mm multi tuner

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Was reading posts here that mentioned the SKS Multi Tuner.   It appears to be very similar to an old Toko edge tuner i've got.  Same rotary dial concept.


What was interesting was seeing that the SKS did base edge as well as side.


Had to go run and find my Toko, and sure as sxxt, it's the same setup.  I never used mine for that, and didn't realize it was set up to do it


Anyone know if the SKS is a descendant of the Toko?  


I see toko doesn't sell this model any more...and no clue how long ago they stopped.


I've needed a new file for this thing, and now i'm guessing they are probably interchangeable.  Now I'm wondering if a 70mm diamond would fit mine as well.

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just heard from FK... they made the Toko Tuner... so files are compatible :)

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