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Hi boot guys

Last season I had purchased a pair of Dalbello KR2 Pros from a ski hill shop. Not a boot pro, but seemed to be quite knowledgeable. They are marked 27.0 (which I realize is the same she'll as 27.5). My feet are 276mm (right) and just shy of 285mm (left). I normally wear 11/11.5 street shoes. Barely brushing the front with the shorter foot there is approx 15-18mm behind the heel, however just in the liners they feel tight. I ski quite well in them, but I do find that I need to tighten the buckles during the day, and notice what feels like a bit of movement, especially around the heel of the right foot as the day goes on.
My dilemma is whether to invest in a new liner (was looking at a Zipfit Grand Prix in 27.5), in the hopes that this will make them perfect, or wait until I can get into the hands of one of you pros and maybe get a smaller boot (although I don't know when that might happen).
I totally understand that you can't diagnose anything without a hands on look, but does this boot seem like it is ballpark correct length for my foot? I've read since that this model has upped the interior length allowing people to go down a size but am unsure if I'm there now or could go shorter with professional help.

Thanks for your time