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Dynastar Powertrack 84 verus Blizzard Brahma

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I am about to purchase my first pair of skis and I have been dealing with someone at Peter Glenn who seems helpful.  He has led me in the direction of Dynastar Powertrack 84s.   I have tried to research online, but I can't seem to find much about them.


I enjoy skiing frontside groomers, but definatitely enjoy venturing into the backcountry stuff when there is enough snow.  I go 2-3 times a year and mostly in Breck or Snowmass Aspen.


The other pair he suggested were the Blizzard brahamas, although those didnt come with bindings and would have cost around 250 extra.  The Dynastar's come with bindings.


I am an advanced skier- by no means an expert and pretty much ski all types of terrain.


Any help would be amazing.

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Your height and weight?

I haven't skied the Brahma, but in reading the many reviews and comments about it (all available via the search function), I'd say it is a bit stiffer than the Powertrack.

I have demo'ed the Powertrack and enjoyed it, but not enough to buy it.

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Thanks for your reply- I'm 5'11, 185.  I typically like frontside groomers and back-country stuff.

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Power track 89 is a better comparison, and for many skiers, will be a better ski than the Brahma. The PT89 is a very fun, versatile ski.
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And for many skiers a worse ski
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Originally Posted by wasatchback View Post

And for many skiers a worse ski

Whatever works for you. I have no skin in the game, just think it's an easier ski than the Bramha for many folks. Only my opinion. Never claimed any special powers. smile.gif
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Like Marko says the PK89 goes up against the Brahma, than the 84. I will say the 84 is a fun and playful ski in the that low 80's range and it a great choice for an intermediate and one of the best value $499 skis around. The Brahma is indeed a strong ski and if you want to compare against the 89, it is a bit more stable at speed because of its longer turn radius. The PK has a Cham 2.0 feel and is every well the best incarnation of Dynastar's design. You say you prefer groomers, that s fine, the PK is more of a short to medium radius ski and the Brahma, medium to longer, not that one is better, just what you are looking for. 

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Blister Gear did reviews on both the Brahma and the Powertrack 89... Maybe that will help determine which will suit your style and preferences better. The 84 is a more forgiving, slightly lighter version of the 89 (skied them back to back). If you're advanced, I would go for the 89.





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Don't buy anything without demoing unless you have zero chance of demoing. I was in your situation trying to decide between kendo and brahma. Found a great deal on kendo online but after demoing both absolutely hated kendo and loved brahma. I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger on kendos just because it was 300$ cheaper than brahma.

You won't buy a car without test driving so don't buy a ski either.
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I appreciate all the help.  It wont be possible for me to demo, so I am thinking about waiting until next season to buy.  I'll demo a pair this year (I leave next week for Aspen).

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Oddly enough, i only have one ski in the closet that i demo'd before owning... Theyve all worked out quite well!
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Based on the feedback will probably demo in aspen this trip.  


Now!  What recommendations for a demo???

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