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How does K2 Spyne cuff alignment works?

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Hello and apologies for this simplistic question :) Basically I can’t figure out how does the cuff alignment work in the K2 Spyne boots. I was unable to find any info on this on the net so any hints will be appreciated!


I’ve been skiing in a Lange for the past few years and the mechanism there is different apparently (loosen – put on – stand up – tighten).  

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cuff alignment is cuff alignment. the k2 works exactly the same as the lange with one exception, and that is that the k2 has adjustment on both sides of the boot instead of just on the outside like the lange.


that just means that the k2 cuff has more range of lateral cuff adjustment.


for proper adjustment on any boot, you put your footbed in the shell on top of the boot board, stand on a level surface with your boot width such that you can achieve a comfortable balanced stance, then look to see where the leg lines up relative to the lateral sides of the boot. then move the cuff either direction until the lower leg is neutral to the cuff/spoiler. tighten up your adjustments, then  move on to checking the boot sole relative to the 


you need a second set of eyes to accomplish this, because any twisting around above the boot so you can see where you end up will give you a a false read.



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Thank you very much for this info!

The procedure you describe seems somewhat different though than the way my Lange works - the adjusting screw slides up and down in order to change the angle (it looks just like this http://www.rei.com/media/jj/2dc8b547-19f5-48b7-a4c8-0b22f6a83393.jpg), while the K2 has these discs around the screw similar to a circular scale that seem to rotate rather than move up and down (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-7qoN6qP4-oU/Uh1HQq_vqPI/AAAAAAAALGg/t3DgzrPSwIk/s1600/DSC_0001.JPG). That's what bewilders me :)


Also when you loosen the Lange and put it on it is supposed to take the proper angle with the weight of your foot inside so then you just tighten it without the need to visually adjust the angle by looking at it.


So if I am getting you right,  you just move the cuff of the Spyne with your hands and don't bother with the scale, is that correct?

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FYI per SnowJake and CEM  (translated)



(with respect to how the cuff canting is done)


The lange, you loosen the screw and the cuff is free to move left and right.


It is actually very different in the K2.  The K2 one must follow these steps:


unscrew the outer screw completely

remove the plastic disc 

press the inner disc out from the outer disc - they are 2 pieces

rotate the inner disk 180 degrees and reinsert it in to the outer disc.  You can now see that the bolt hole is no longer in the center, 

Now there are 2 choices for boot cant.  You can rotate the entire disc assembly 180 degrees to get the bole hole in the + or - position.


Select the desired position and reinstall the bolt.


What StartHause says is that the way you adjust it in terms of centering the shaft of the boot on the leg is just like with the lange, what he doesn't say is that the way the adjustment is made is not the same i.e. the rotational adjustment rather than a linear one.
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Jim's procedure is correct for assessing the adjustment. To actually make the the adjustment you must remove the inner and outer screw rivets on the upper cuff. If you look carefully at the 2 oblong spacers you will see there is a thicker and thinner end to each of them. You must align them so when you leg is in the upper cuff you have equal space on the inside of the leg and the outside. I would start with the outside adjustment first, if that doesn't fix it enough you can also adjust the inside rivet as well.
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