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Photo MA

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Hi, here is a photo I snipped off a ski site just now. Can we have some pros or not so pros step in and do some MA. The intent was probably to make a great photo.


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Angulated at the neck.  

Visible inside ankle tipping.

Can't tell for sure because of camera angle, but inside shoulder/arm/hand appear to be behind outside half.

Snow spray visible behind the skier.

There's a second skier following quite close behind in blue pants.

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At least the alignment is good.
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I recognize her.,  Her name is Ilean. 

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Skiing like this is a Pisa cake.
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Nice pants.
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Your going the wrong way!! There is a arrow pointing to your right.
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier View Post

Skiing like this is a Pisa cake.


Pisia of cake :)

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Straight outside leg, but more glaring than that is no big smile. frown.gif
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Hard to tell from one photo, but here's what I see:


  • skis are equally tipped
  • Hard to tell, but looks like skis are bent from the center
  • Looking at the outside leg, it looks as if the platform angle is less than 90 degrees, meaning that the ski is slipping
  • Looks like the outside ski is turning more rapidly than the inside ski
  • Given the position of the inside foot and shoulder, it looks like the primary turning mechanism came from upper body rotary


Personally, I don't think the alignment is good.  The inside hip should be over the inside foot -- here it's lagging.  There should be more inside tip lead (more open to the hill).  If the intent is to carve, the outside hip needs to be further inside so that the platform angle is 90 degrees.  He needs more angulation from the hip.  Greater tip lead and proper alignment of the hips will put him into a position where he can angulate and edge to a (much) greater extent than he currently is.


Things to work on:


  • Turn the legs, not the upper body
  • Body alignment


Am I close?



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Alignment = boots
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Heluva, understood.  And given (AFAIK) equal edge angles, I agree.



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That photo is so weird. I don't know what to say...
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Here's something no one has said yet.

It's only one turn.

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