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Lowest skiable temperature with leather 3 pins?

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I'm looking to set myself up for some backcountry touring in the cold and would like to hear from someone with experience with leather boots. 

How cold of temperatures can you comfortably tour in with leather boots without an extra liner - just a sock or two?

Should I get larger boots and wear maybe 2 or 3 pair of wool socks inside until it fits properly, or is this a bad idea? I would definitely understand it being a bad idea for AT skis going downhill and needing lots of performance, but I am just talking backcountry touring with maybe a downhill now and then.

Or do I need to get a boot such as the Alico Telemark ski boots that have an extra liner?



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I have no idea about how cold you can go...I think that is an individual thing.  I have gone in single digit temps using toe warmers.  I am normally fine with temps in the 20's and teens with just my socks, maybe some thin nylon sock liners under my ski socks.


If your boots are older, like mine, watch out for the sole separating from the top of your boot.  Mine are held together with duct tape and glue.  The duct tape makes them warmer though!

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Amundsen skiing to the South Pole. Not sure if those are three pins though. Do boot gloves work with 75mm boots?


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I've been on 3-pins and leather at -10 Fahrenheit. Just to see what it would be like.

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You can go quite cold as your instep is moving in leather tele boots vice traditional alpine boots.  I would say down to the single digits is no problem whatsoever.  Way back I had a setup that was leather tele boots that had a gaitor all the way around the leather.  This will keep the snow off the boots and keep you even warmer.  Different types of gaitors.  The ones I had were with a rubber gasket at the bottom that sealed along where the sole attached to the leather.  That will keep you warmer.  Also, it all depends on how much you stop.  As long as you are moving, you can usually stay warm.  Other things usually get cold - face, hands before feet.  

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Lowest I've skied on 2 occasions in leather 3 pin cross country boots is -40C winter camping Christmas in Algonguin Park in the mid 70's and about -45C at the cottage (further south) about 8 years later.  This is actual temperature and not wind chill.  I have good memories of both  clear blue sky, no wind and dry but it easy to get frost bite in those temps.  A warm core and layering works best.  One of the biggest concerns is sweating especially in the boots as these will freeze and cause you endless problem.  Keep dry and you should have little problems.


Done right it's no problem, done wrong big problems.


BTW at those temps F and C are equal.

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Good to know. Yeah -40 are the types of temps I was thinking.  Of course, if I experiment with that cold, I'll have something I KNOW is warm along with just in case.

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Do you get much glide with snow that cold?

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