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What do you drink?

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Just kind of curious of the contents of all those hydration bags. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Iced tea.
Mixed with double the amount of powder.
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What do you drink?

White Burgundy, I cherish.
California Cabernet, SILVER OAK, CAMUS, I pause over.
Oregon Pinot, I gently taste.
Tequila, 1800, I nip at.
BECKS, I gulp, after a full day of knocking the tops off the white teeth on MAMBO.
CAMPARI, I take, as in medicinal.
Scotch probably as old as you are, I sip.


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When I'm active it's water all the way and herbal tea if I need warming.

Following form with the good Dr. there I would have to say I love a good Sapphire Martini (very dry, two colossal queen olives); Highland Park and Dalwhinnie Scotch, Knob Creek Perfect Manhattans (w/a cherry); Blanton's Bourbon, Oregon Pinots, Washington Cabs, Tawny Port.....sigh, too bad you can't enjoy it without suffering the consequences.
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Scotch...single malt.
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Had a run in with four "grande'" margaraitas about four weeks ago, since then, just water.

have tried very hard to like wine, just cannot.
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Water, lots of water, and gatorade if i need something more to give me a little energy, higher blood sugar... i always have some handy just in case i forget to eat when im skiing...
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In the hydro-pack goes gatorade/water. Outside the hydro-pack goes, Tuscan Reds, Long Trail Ale, and GREAT scotch!
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Water? WATER? I wouldn't have that stuff in my shoes, much less in my stomach.

Warsteiner or any imported beer, Manhattens and coffee.

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Skiing, Water.

Later, I like the suggestions so far.

I love, Single Malts, Manhattens (Makers with half sweet half dry) [Man, surprised to see so many Manhatten drinkers around here, you guys must be
: ], Rob Roys, Rusty Nails (current fav) unfortuinatly, whiskey always gives me a giant headache the morning after, so for clear liquid refreshment -- Gin and Vodka martinis, Gimlets, Gibsons. Shiraz, Zin, some whites. Oh yeah, and freakin' PBR.

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my wife has ski poles that can be filled with a liquid of your choice. I think they are called brandy poles.

Left hand has blackberry brandy
Right hand has pepermint schnapps
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Just plain water while skiing, Bud Light when in N.Y. and Fat Tire Ale or Tommyknocker when in Co.
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I think I'm missing out. I usually just drink water or Gatorade. I will have to try a little stronger "sports drink". Maybe my skiing will improve.
pc www.goskiing.org
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On the hill it's sweet sweet gatorade. I probably drink enough to keep the company in business. Off the hill (besides more gatorade)it would be the good ol' red white and blue... Budweiser.
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Like Ott and W. C. Fields

"Water! I never touch the stuff. Fish f___ in it!"

"I only drink twice a year. When the circus is in town and ........... when the circus is outta town"

"For Christmas, what do I want for Christmas? Just to see one of something!

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Look at all the Manhattan drinkers! I thought we were almost extinct. I add two cherries (three if my daughter is around -- is it scary that a 3 year old loves Manhattan-soaked cherries??) and a splash of cherry juice, as well. Too bad it isn't cocktail hour yet. Yum.
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while skiing: iced tea, water, hot chocolate
Apres-ski: Kokanee (mmm... Canadian beer!), Vodka+Redbull for a pick-me-up!
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Coffee & soymilk, & lots of it

during Agua. also lots of it.

after Talisker, Highland Park, laugavulin,
& knob manahattans or grouse rob roys.
I knew I liked ya'll for a reason.

sugar, are there a lot of scotch drinking beautiful skier women in WA?
I may move! (damn coastal snow ruining my plans.....) :
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OK I'll ask a stupid question...what is a Manhattan? I drink beer, beer, and sometimes beer when I drink. I don't drink mixed drinks other than rum and coke, or 'ritas.

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Matt - you know how it is up here in Washington....with all this rain you've got to occupy yourself (not unlike Scotland itself). Fine food and single malts - we've got it! We manage with the snow God gives us - prepares us for skiing everywhere else.

Hey SLC is cool - hate that "one drink on the table at a time" rule but I can deal with it. Why come to us? Have scotch, will travel.
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Before skiing-coffee
During skiing-water and hot chocolate (with marshmallows and whipped cream thank you very much)
After-Stoli Vanilla and 7up or large glasses of cabernet
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lodro:
I love, Single Malts, Manhattens (Makers with half sweet half dry) [Man, surprised to see so many Manhatten drinkers around here, you guys must be : ], <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Lodro: I used to be a Makers woman until my girlfriend (who got me started on Manhattans) suggested trying Knob Creek. Mmmmm mmmmm! Very good! Knob has a little more spice to it - try it sometime.

Man I'm getting thirsty!
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Manhattan: mine are made of 2 parts whiskey, 1 part sweet vermouth, dash of bitters, couple cherries, a little cherry juice. We don't usually "waste" our good bourbon in a Manhattan; prefer to drink it with plain old ice. Usually we use Jim Beam, but sometimes Makers Mark. I think it's close enough to cocktail hour that I'm going to make one right now.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by cherubini:
OK I'll ask a stupid question...what is a Manhattan? I drink beer, beer, and sometimes beer when I drink. I don't drink mixed drinks other than rum and coke, or 'ritas.


A COCKTAIL made with bourbon or blended whiskey mixed with sweet vermouth. It's served over ice and garnished with a MARASCHINO CHERRY. A perfect Manhattan uses equal parts sweet and dry vermouth, while a dry Manhattan uses all dry vermouth.

Most ppl have a personal choice for what kind of bourbon or scotch they want in it.
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Whats a manhattan?Only the best drink on earth.It one of the best appetite enhancers around,second only to a doobie.My recipe-three parts canadian whiskey(V.O. or Windsor)1-1/2 parts sweet vermouth(Stock) 2 0r 3 dashes agnostura bitters,one cherry and a little cherry juice.Then after pouring this over 5 0r 6 cubes of ice move the glass around in your hand to mix.Never use a foriegn object to stir excepy for your finger-Heaven on earth is the result.
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Water or Poweraid etc. while skiing. After, Cabernet, Gentleman Jack, Jamison Irish whiskey, sometimes beer.
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that SLC one drink at a time rule is only in resturants. Bars/private clubs wil serve you till you cant move.
cant quite get the scotch but I will take the pride of KY all day/all night.
FYI a traditional Manhattan has got to have bitters in it, cherry JUICE>> ewwwwwwwww
I can see my breath in the city so my mind turns to the mtns.
ya know a manhattan does sound good 3pts makers 1 part sweet vm, dash of dry, 3 shakes of angistora.
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Water while skiing.

Vodka/redbull, malibu/coke, and some concoction my buddy makes, kinda like mind erasers.
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My recipe: 2 parts Maker, 1/2 part sweet vermouth 1/2 dry (ok, I'll admit, just as often, all sweet, esp. with a Rob Roy (same as Mahattan basically, but with Scotch.)) Couple of plump cherries, though I can do without if neccessary, they really do make it. A dash or two at most of bitters, I often go without. Too much bitters can quickly ruin a good manhattan in my book.

I like mine up (that is shaken over ice, and then poured out into a martini glass.) My father-in-law likes to keep the huge Manhattan glasses in the freezer and bring them out when its time. He also pours them even biger than I do. One and you have something pretty serious cooking already. He likes to use the green label Beam, which is pretty damn good too, has a kind of rye taste to it.

I agree with the poster who said nothing more expensive then Makers, even up -- I guess I'm still a bit of puritan about mixing really fine whiskey, though I'll admit I wouldn't turn down a knob creek one if someone was offereing..hell, I'm salivating now...cheer to all of you! And to great big barns full of snow this year.

[edit: and oh yeah, Sake! Thanks for mentioning this Yuki, also one of my favorties. For obscure reasons, I like it not hot or cold, but at room temperature.]

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