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I seem to remember some people on here referring to Lines as poorly made skis for park rats a couple years back. I don't remember the thread.
I have Prophet 90's which I Loooooove. My only issue is, I just found out that my local ski shop still has a pr for $399. Should I buy back up? Should I go AT with these? (I've been thinking about going AT for a year now even though I'm in the East) Part of me really wants to get them. Thoughts?
$399 seems like nothing for so much joy.
I have my P90's for sale on CL if you are interested. Price is 299 w marker Griffs. Used two seasons about 20 days. 179's.
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I'm tempted, but I may just go ahead and buy the new boards and hold off on bindings for now. That is a good price though. I don't know what I want to do with them, so I could let them sit for a while until I decide. I'll just tell the shop I'll pay $400 with tax and see what they do. I would guess they'll take it as the they are already last year's model and just taking up space in their minds.

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Thanks for the non-hate all! Love the kind words!


@Phil .. right on, we love how our new skis have been received


Great insight and hilarious deviation in this thread (craft beer and BBers). We cruise Epic a good amount and glad to be part of the discussion, keep it up.


Also to the thread starter .. the Chronic is a great forgiving all around ski .. not just for freestyle but certainly a freestyle graphic. Enjoy!


-Josh @ Line

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Love the Supernatural graphics, very modern and slightly sophisticated, not "park rat" at all.  The SN 108 is quite an excellent ski IMO.

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I miss my P90's already. Just sold them on craigslist😱
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Originally Posted by St Bear View Post

Sometimes there's a reason skis are deeply discounted.  You don't generally see the Soul 7, or Kastle in general, on sale much.

The 2014-15 FX's and Soul 7 can be had for 40-50% off at the moment pretty much anywhere.
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No hate for Line skis in our family...we have and have had several pairs.


My current every day skis are Prophet 90's - I think 2013 model year. The one thing I find funny is that the topsheet is misprinted - it has the dimensions of the Prophet 98 on it, right underneath the big "90" in the red circle it reads 132-98-123.


BTW, that red circle on the Prophets that year (or years) actually should receive a little bit of hate.

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There was a pair of 186cm Line Supernatural 115's with Salomon STH 2 WTR bindings, used, but looked to be in pretty good shape, for sale on eBay recently for $350. I have a few skis suitable for powder, but no powder to speak of lately, so really didn't need them, plus they were way over my usual price limit for skis, but ... they sure looked like they'd be an awfully nice ride, and I was sorely tempted.


Held off though, and they sold. Somebody got a good deal there, methinks!   ;-)

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