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To buy: Sin 7 or Soul 7

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Hi everyone, 

I'm in the process of choosing some skis to buy, will be my only skis, and have narrowed it down to either the soul 7 or sin 7. I think in a 180 length. 

I'm 5 10, 70kg, about a level 8 skier, I ski resorts in europe, mainly france. 
Previously skied roughly 50/50 piste/ off piste but now want to concentrate a lot more on freeride, therefore want a ski aimed and this but has the ability for a bit of on piste when required. Also want to be able to ski a few bumps. 

I'm wondering whether i need the extra width of the soul in the areas where i will ski and also whether, as i am quite light, the 180 length in the sin will give me enough float when needed and not require the extra width of the soul. 

Which do you guys recommend? 
Anyone tried both and have any thoughts? 

Any help would be much appreciated, want to get these bought soon! 


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FWIW, IMO the Soul 7 is not wide enough for a powder ski.


I'd go with the sin 7 and then buy a powder ski later on.

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Many people might disagree with me. But i ski the 2015 Atomic Automatic 117 (10% stiffer then the 13/14) as my everyday go to ski. I mostly ski off piste in the Canadian Rockies but I can rip them on the groomers too without overpowering them and im 6'0 187bs. Anyways I'm going to keep pushing this ski on people as an everyday ski. It really is a versatile powder ski. I would put it in the big mountain category.

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OP, have a read of this, posts in here compare the 2 skis ;



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Hi, I just demoed a Sin 7 and Soul 7 in Beaver Creek the past Week. Both in 180 length. I weight 182 lb and am 6-2. I like to ski with medium to short turns but sometimes let go up to say 40mph.


I really liked the Soul 7 better. Dunno why really it just felt better. (Maybe the Sin 7 would have worked better for me in 188 length)


The Soul 7 was really good in the bumps and uneven snow. Loved it. It is a bit flexy so it gets chattery and a bit hairy at speed on hardpack and crud. VERY maneuverable ski in the trees and bumps. Floats in the Powder (at least Resort powder which never really gets backcountry deep or rarely does). I felt I could use this ski every day out west (Colorado) but at the end of a one week or more snow drought (in a resort) you might wish for something stiffer if you like to go really fast and do large radius turns on groomers and hardpack. It works, just not as good as most other skis I have tried.


Overall I had mixed feelings for Resort Skiing at west (at least in the conditions I experience, up to boot deep pow one day but mostly well traveled snow and groomers). I ended up skiing mostly bump runs and in the trees (which were bumpy too) to really enjoy this ski. Not necessarily a bad thing.


You are a lot lighter than me so this ski might work well for you. Me, I wanted something a bit beefier a lot of times. It was a fun ski for me though and at times loved it.

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The above post is why for back east I like the stiffer ski. The snow gets tracked out and the softer tips can get pushed around or give to much when they hit a pile of heavy snow. I had always thought that when seeing the Soul 7.

OP like he said at your lighter weight...it might be a good ski.

Post #3 had some good info to, but again, he is a bigger size, I'm 6ft 195lbs. That Automatic sounds like a nice ride.
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