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Smuggler's Notch Help?

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Has anyone been to Smuggler's Notch recently? How was it? What are some of the best trails. I was thinking of attempting the Black Hole, and some of the other hard trails.

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Don't think, just do. 

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When were you thinking of going?  Predicting snow conditions in advance (i.e., best trails) in New England is a guesstimate at best.


I haven't been to Smuggs this year (or ever, for that matter...) but I do go to Stowe quite a bit and they're literally right next door.  The good news is that there is a substantial base on just about everything...  the bad news is that the consistency of that base is rather "solid" due to various thaw / refreezes.


Conditions on natural snow trails are getting better -- turn by turn this past weekend would vary from "pretty good" to "pretty bad".


It's New England.  Conditions are going to be variable.  Go with an open mind regarding what you're going to ski that day and you're going to have a good time.  Going with the "I have to ski trail XXXXX or this trip is going to suck" is how trips lead to disappointment.

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