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First Pair of Skis

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I'm a 19 year old male intermediate-advanced skier who has been skis 1-2 per year for the past 10 years. I'm moving up to Vermont next month am looking for a good first pair of skis good for some hard-packed Vermont downhill carving, but something that can still handle parks, powder, and off-trail wood runs. 


I found two (what I think) are solid packages from Level 9 Sports: 


Firefly Prospect:


Firefly Stalker:


Any thoughts on these two packages, or should I be looking elsewhere?


Thanks for all the help!

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If you're moving there why not check out some of the local merchants in the area you are moving to.  You'll be best suited by purchasing your boots someplace where you can go back to to get the fitting done over a couple of sessions.  You might want to play around with the mounting point of the bindings on your skis. 


I don't know where in Vermont you are moving to but I'd tr to find a place like Skiershop in Stowe  to start with.  There are plenty of people here that live and ski in various parts of Vermont that could steer you to a good shop close to where you will be located.

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Thanks. I'll be starting school at Middlebury, but I found that buying skis online rather than in stores would save $500

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Originally Posted by Vermonty View Post

Thanks. I'll be starting school at Middlebury, but I found that buying skis online rather than in stores would save $500


You will have no problem finding both shop-discounted new and private lightly used skis that are far better deals in value terms.

In value terms, you cannot get a better deal than an in-person purchased boot. 

Get up there, find a bootfitter you can trust, buy a boot then blow whatever you have left on skis. 

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Please. As someone who has a girlfriend who went through 3 pairs of boots in 3 seasons before she found a pair that fit properly, please get boots in person. And from a good bootfiter. Not a big box shop. Your feet will thank you.

Today I had a student who bought boots that "fit". They were his shoe size but fit horribly. The pain was so crippling he had to stop after 10 minutes.

Don't be like him and get boots online. Your feet will thank you. You can buy cheap skis online if you really want.
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Start with Skiershop.  I don't think it is that far from Middlebury.  If they don't have what you need in your price range they will still give you good advice of how to get it.  Buying the boots online is NOT recommended by anyone around here though unless you are a decent DIY boot fitter, can bake your own liners, and make basic modifications.. Or, it is OK to buy boots online if you aren't that serious about skiing and don't care if they don't fit that well at all.  That said, if you get some that require baking the liners you will be MISERABLE in them if you don't do that or have it done.  There are shops that will do it for you for a moderate fee if you bring in the boots and your feet though.  Works out better to just buy the boots there from them though.

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You could buy used skis/bindings for 150$ People might even give you older skis.
Go get the boots.
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I'll echo what others are saying as far as boots: ALWAYS, ALWAYS buy ski boots in person from a reputable boot fitter, so they can make corrections if needed. As far as cheap skis, I've bought two pairs of former demo skis from this ebay seller, and they have both been in superb condition:

They actually tune the skis before they send them out so they arrive with bases in great condition and sharp edges. Go to a shop and get them to set/test the bindings and get a hot wax and you're good to hit the slopes. 

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