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Lookout Pass/ Snowbowl MT

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Hey im heading up  to Missoula for a hockey tournament this weekend 16-18. I am staying a few days after and trying to ski either snowbowl or lookout pass Monday or Tuesday. Any preferences on the two? better tree runs, powder runs (if it snows), cliff hits? Red Lodge is playing hard to get for this pass-holder currently

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@Pete No. Idaho, I'm pretty sure you've skied Lookout. Have you been to Snowbowl as well? @zentune?
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You do know you've got free tickets to Whitefish with that pass, right?
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I skied Lookout Pass today, Sunday, January 11, and rode up a lift with a skier from Missoula.  She was telling me about Discovery Ski Area.  It is about the same distance from Missoula as Lookout Pass but has approximately four times the area.  According to their marketing:

Front Side
Located immediately above the day lodge, this area is completely lift served. Here, you’ll find gently sloping green runs, cruisers as wide as the Montana sky, the Pentecost Freestyle Terrain Park, and a black diamond or two just for kicks.

Off the Granite Chair, you can step it up a notch (or three) with steep runs groomed to velvety smoothness and mogul fields that test your thighs and nerves. The fall lines and views are utter perfection.



For hardcore steeps, Limelight is it. This north-facing area is true double black with treed slopes, narrow chutes and virtual free-falls that give way to fields of powder. You’ll think you’ve dropped into a Teton Gravity Research film.
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Whitefish isn't an option this trip unfortunately.Yeah the 5 free days are already set aside and i am really looking forward to it. I will most likely get to go up Monday. i didn't even look at Discovery, ill add that to the list of possibilities as well. 

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I would reccommend either lookout pass (I'm a ski trainer there), discovery, or lost trail. All are about the same time/distance from missoula. I skied Snowbowl for 25 years or so but haven't been there in 5 or more years...I doubt it had changed much. Tends to be "unmanicured", bumpy, icy, and rocky. I've heard it was mediocre the other day from a racer buddy of mine fwiw.

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Skied Lookout yesterday with wife Monday the 12th.  Good coverage, groomers were very good.  Off piste has the snow but bumpy ride with underneath snow skied hard by Christmas crowd and then frozen.   Skied all runs on backside with no hazards except a few on the bottom of whitetail.  Need more snow to make off piste good.

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