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Up coming changes

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Some time in May or June, (late May most likely. Exact time and date will be posted soon) Epicski will be moving to a new host.

A couple of things that will make the transition better.

1. Please get into the habit of saving your PM's to your local machine. Keep your PM's clear if possible. We are not sure if PM's will import properly.

2. Keep watching for our announcement of the transition date. It may be a few days that we are down while we migrate the site and get all the DNS stuff migrated out to the internet.

Other info/plans

If you are an Epicski.com email user, do not fret, We will be putting a new host in place for that as well. Cost's for extra space for email will be posted. POP3 support may be available for nominal fee. (have not worked out the costs yet) 2 MB accounts (instead of the current 6MB) will be free and web based with no AD Banners.

Working on seeing of video/photo hosting is a viable option. This might be a feature available for supporter's at a specific level.

We are open to feedback.

More info to follow.

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Thanks for all your and AC's hard work which enables Epic Ski to continue to be a great place to visit. It's almost like having a second family. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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