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long alpine ski poles

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Hi all,

I am just getting into skiing, I have found skis and boots but I am looking for poles. Catch is I am over 7 feet tall, and I think I need at least a 56 inch pole. (and a sturdy one at that)  I cant seem to find one anywhere, but all the sizing charts imply they exist.

Can anyone help?

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You're probably hosed for carbon or composite poles, but you should be able to find aluminum to fit.

If you want a race-style pole, Leki make a Super G pole up to 150cm (59 overall length).

If you don't mind a touring-style pole with a nordic-style grip and asymmetric basket, Komperdell, Gabel  and others make poles that should fit you.



Are you looking for actual retailers?

post #3 of 3 my friend makes them. im sure if you email him he can make you a set any length.
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