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Beaver Creek and Vail - Next Week!

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Hey All,


Heading out to Beaver Creek next week 1/17 to 1/24.  I cashed in most of my cc travel points last year for a hotel and air.   Would greatly appreciate any advice on skiing,  places to eat, and altitude sickness.    So here are the details.


My wife (48) and I (49) are traveling are flying from east coast (NJ) into EGE next Sat.  I booked a shuttle for transportation to/from hotel for  $51  person each way.  I had reserved a car, but the hotel said it was $50 a day to park, thats almost as much as the car rental.  Let me know if there are any other options but its seems like there is local shuttle transportation available to get around BC and to Avon.


In terms of skiing, my wife is a very cautious intermediate skier , most comfortable on greens and groomer blues. 


We primarily ski in Vermont and I prefer to ski blue and single blacks these days.  No bumps, cliffs, Warren Miller stuff,  but i do appreciate steep pitch.  Love trees if there is at least a little bit of room to negotiate in there and I can't lie and say I don't like a nice groomer now and then to relax the quads.   I blew out my knee 4 years ago so Im more cautious than I used to be.


Altitude sickness - is that something we should look into getting Diamox to prevent or are there some none Rx steps we can take?

We fly in around noon on 1/17 and I would prefer to ski 1/18 instead of waiting a day.  (i find it kind of difficult to putz around a village with a ski mountain in the background).  Im open to either option just wanted to get some experienced feedback


Skiing-  The wife will be with me Sat to Weds morning and then by some miracle of work timing Im on my own Wed to Sat am when I fly back.   


I was planning to ski with her in BC 2 or 3 days from 1/18 to 1/20 and then get over to Vail to check it out somehow.


BC - Any recommendations on how to ski BC (recommended terrain, timing, etc.)  My wife is fine with us skiing apart in the am then getting back together for lunch, etc.  She would probably benefit from lessons, so any advice there is much obliged too.


Vail - my understanding is that I can take a bus in the am from BC to Vail.  Any tips on the logistics of travel from BC to Vail (bus, taxi, etc) and how to ski Vail (recommended terrain, timing, etc.)  would be very much appreciated.  


I doubt I will get back there anytime in the near future so I want to make the most of my 1 or 2 days there.





It looks like BC restaurants scale to the fancy, expensive oversized plate with good food but tiny portion, etc.  I really don't prefer those type of restaurants at all. The value of the "presentation" of the food is lost on me.  I happened to be at a restaurant a few months ago where a $20 scallops appetizer came out with one scallop (1!!). I told the manager that Scallop(s) is plural and that I wanted more.  We argued and I got one more. Ridiculous.


Any recommendations for dinner in BC or Avon?  I saw some recommendations for Vin48, Grouse, and Splendido but not sure which way to go.  I don't mind a fancy dinner or 2 if the food is great and I won't be hungry in 30 min, but heck, the wife and I like a like a more casual dinner and enjoy a good cheeseburger, tacos.



Where to eat lunch in BC and Vail?  Any recommendations for on mountain and off for those non-ski days would be appreciated.



Anything good and quick in BC or should I just bring some breakfast bars and grab a coffee which is what I usually do?  



Other stuff


Snowmobile tour - Thinking about one of these on an off ski day to give my legs a break.  Any recommendations?


The Hotel - The travel points I had were for the Park Hyatt.  Not sure if there is anything special we should know about the place.  Any comments appreciated.


Thanks folks.

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You'll have a great time in BC.  (I ski there every year)  A few responses to questions:

  • Altitude: Everyone responds differently.  I never take a drugs and just focus on drinking lots of water.  There are numerous articles and threads on this topic.
  • Lift lines: BC has few crowds with Centennial and Bachelor being the only lifts that get lines and those lines are mostly from 9:30-2.
  • Where your wife will like to ski: Just about all the blues and greens should work.  You might want to avoid Arrowhead (can be slick due to low altitude).  The harder blues are harrier and lower Centennial so you might want to skip those too.
  • Where you'll like to ski:  Nearly all blues are groomed and should be fun.  The black Willy's face is almost always groomed and it leads to lots of steeper blues on lower Centennial that you'll like.  Watch the grooming reports for a different 2nd black run to be groomed most days (rotates daily)
  • Food: Be prepared to spend a lot.  Most dinner places are pretty fancy in BC, Avon is more diverse.  I can't help too much since I eat in the condo or at restaurants in Edwards most of the time.  I also buy lunches at the grocery store which you could get to via bus in Avon but I'm not sure how easy it is to get to.
  • Vail: There are a lot of threads on where to ski at Vail that you can search for.  Be sure to get to Blue Sky (via blue groomers)  This year they cut the bus scheduled to just 2 daily leaving at 8 and 9 (you should confirm times).  It used to run every 20 minutes so that's a bummer.  It works fine but make sure you don't miss it.
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Stayed in Avon many times when my buddy had a condo there. Bus service toVail out of Avon kind of a PITA but you will want to sample Vail for sure.

In BC there are some decent mid priced options but not many. In Avon my all time favorite was Bob's Bar. Great price value and excellent food. (Casual) Mexican is good at Bob's too.

I have eaten at the other Avon places you listed and all are good.

Have a great trip, hopefully I am there the following week!
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I like Fiesta Jalisco (chain) in Avon for Mexican food.

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Bc has a fancy slightide dinner called beanie cabin I think. It is really expensive but I heard it is worth it. The have wild game along with strake tv. It may be a 7 course meal type thing.
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It's a sleigh ride and it's called Beano's Cabin. It's a fancy place. If you want casual dining, then you'll need to take a shuttle down to Avon. I don't know the logistics but I bet you can talk with the hotel about it. Regarding altitude sickness, check out this article:


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Originally Posted by habacomike View Post

It's a sleigh ride 


Well, kind of...it's a big cart pulled by a snowcat. You have to sit backward otherwise the snow gets kicked up in your face.


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Beano's is fantastic.  I think it's a must do if you are willing to spend the money.  It's very much worth it for the food, atmosphere and service.   Blue Moose Pizza right across from the Park Hyatt is great, and the most affordable meal in the village.  I'd suggest alternating Beano's and the Blue Moose every night, and eat leftover pizza for breakfast.  (Only half kidding :)).   Walk around the village and look at menus and you'll figure it out.  Have fun!

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The gym at the Hyatt is pretty spectacular according to my wife. You can always get some exercise after skiing. My buddy likes to state that skiing is not exercise. It's amusing when he comments that his legs are sore after a particularly big day...

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we stayed at the pines lodge last year although didnt eat there. in the main square at BC there are 3 places we ate at several times. Pizza place, mexican (forget the names) and the dusty boot. all were good food/value for money and evening burger & fries etc started around $15 but they also had more expensive options too. There are also the higher end places which we never went into. I am more of a beer and burger or steak person and really enjoyed the dusty boot. We had steak there the last night and i think drinks and 2 steaks came to about $75 which we felt was excellent value.

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