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It's Somthing Unpredictable..

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....but in the end its right..I HOPE!!!

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum. I decided to change my life around. Like the best and worst of most ideas, it all started on a wish and a whim. If you recall the If I were a Rich Girl thread, this was where the idea was born. Then, another opportunity appeared in Summit County, which seemed more practical. But upon investigation, it was totally inappropriate, was various reason.

Having already spent the airfare to look at the placce, Mark decided that we should look for space and start from scratch.

To make a long story short...

In September of 2004, Mountain Sport Pilates and Fitness will open in Frisco Colorado!
WHEW!!!! I said it, that means it's real! YIKES!

The studio will be located on Granite Street, downstairs from the Frisco Pub and Grill. Since Summit County already has a considerable amount of general fitness facilities, Mountain Sport will focus on sport specific training,with a strong emphasis on injury prvention. Classes and private sessions will feature many of the balance toys I talk about in the fitness section.

In early September, I may need some help inflating the balls.If you are a Summit County local, iwill be hosting a Pump and Pizza party. Details soon.

Wish me luck! This is either the best or the stupidest thing I've ever done!
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Congratulations, Lisa. I hope it's a huge success and you love your new home.
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LM, Wishing you the best of luck and much success!
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Thi is sure one way to get out of subways.
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Way to go Lisa!! I'm sure with your hard work and efforts, it will be a great success.

BTW, We're trying to get out that way this summer to look for a vacation property. If we make it out, we'll look you up.
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Congratulations I'm sure it will work out nicely! What is hubby boy going to do? I thought the feeling was little work existed for him in those parts? It doesn't really matter though because any of it will be better out of the city and near skiing.
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5 years ago, I visited Colorado from St. Louis and decided that Colorado is where I belonged. I left a great job, friends etc. There is not one moment where I wished I had not moved.

Let me know when the party is and I will be happy to help.

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Dr. Bigfoot and I congratulate you for your giant step, and for your spunk. It would be great to see you and Mark again in your new environs one of these days (preferably one of those WINTER days).

Best wishes for GREAT success!
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The Eastern Bears will miss you. Good luck.
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HOLY MOLEY! Another Easterner wises up!

I'm just green.

Remember...there are no bad mountain days, winter OR summer. City days are just days, but Mountain Days are EPIC.

You'll be successful because you have what it takes. You take risks. You'll be fine, and we'll all come to visit you sooner or later [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] .....

Enjoy your new adventure....dive in....suck it up.....and LIVE each day as if it's your last.

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Lisa, "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Good Luck!
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Obviously, you have my most sincere best wishes for happiness and good fortune !!!!

Of course, logical old me can't keep my mouth shut and resist asking if you did any sort of market survey. For example, I'm sure this sort of thing is obvious to you, but if you sit outside a similar facility in that area for a few (appropriate) hours on several days, what is their traffic like? Are customers always coming and going, does it occasionally get filled to overflowing with people? If what you are doing is offering a service that is only moderately different from what currently exists, you can probably get a good idea of your potential customer base and traffic by looking at semi-competitors.

Never having lived in that area, the thing that worries me is that with all the outdoor (fitness-related) activities available, how many people will take advantage of the sport specific training that you will offer. I don't think most tourists will because they are there to hike, bike and ski, not be indoors. Locals may, but how many of them do sports specific training? How many customers do you need to break even? I'm really not trying to be negative, but want to be sure you thought of everything. I can't help myself - its in my blood to ask questions like these.

Again, I truly wish you all the best.

Tom / PM

PS - I'll be out of town and away from any computers till about Monday.
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Thanks, folks! Forgot to mention, if anyone knows any local personal trainers who specialize in golf or tennis fitness, send them my way.

As far as Mark goes, this is the hard part. At least until I get this off the ground, he will stay in Boston so that we can avoid having to pay small business health insurance rates. Needless to say, we will be collecting major frequent flyer miles, since he will be visiting constantly.

He also has an incredible business sense, so he will be helping me with those aspects of the studio. Then, we shall see.
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Hmm, "incredible business sense" or "incredible capability for shared delusional alternate realities"? : I choose the delusion! Now to make it real.

Yes, it's going to be a long year or so, while I'm still in Boston and still working at "MajorFinanceCo", but that extra time pays the bills, helps fund the business thru its first year, and gets Kid #2 through her first year of college. Meanwhile I get to telecommute out to Colorado (unfortunately telecommuting in the wrong direction!) to do the books 'n stuff.

Of course I didn't think that as soon as LM was out of my sight, she was throwing a "Pump & Pizza Party" for, ahem, "inflating the balls" [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

BTW, here's a picture of our location. Studio is in that inside corner right next to All-Seasons Sports, the ski & bike shop. Imagine another sign on that board that says "Mountain Sport Fitness". Directly on the way to Breckenridge, right on Summit Blvd in a bend of the road where we'll literally be right in front of drivers heading down Rt. 9. Also only about 10 miles from Keystone, about the same from Copper.

And under a darn good bar! (WTFH, we need you!)
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Congratulations, Lisa and Mark.
All my best wishes for a sufccessful business and life in Colorado!

I know the distance will be hard, at first, Mark, but it's only one year, and one year will go fast...
When I fell in love with a German girl it was the same, I still remember those night drives (800km)...
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Congrats and good luck LM and Mark..
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Who does woodworking that can make you a cool sign?

It's bloody beautiful!

I've done the sort of thing you're doing more than a few times, guys, and it's a little scary, sure, but it can be one of the great adventures of your lives! I have never regretted any "crazy" move I've made. I've packed up the farm with far less security than a normal person would like, and I keep doing ok.

This last long distance relationship and move, for me, have been the clincher..........that it DOES work, and WORKS OUT FANTASTICALLY........so that I'll never be afraid to go off and follow a dream again.

We wish we could be of some help. If there's ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING, we can do for you, just ask! (well, aside from pumping up your balls, which we may have to pass on due to time constraints!) [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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A fellow Bear will be doing our graphics, so as soon as we get a logo together, we will be looking into getting up a sign.

The move will be the most complicated thing, since we don't want to spend a gazillion bucks. Many of the condos out there are sold furnished, so we may not need too much stuff.

Here's the plan. On the last week of June, we begin Lisa and Mark's Excellent Road Trip! If time permits, we will post a blog from various motels across the US. Only what fits in the van, plus Giselle our greyhound will go for this trip.

We've decided that since our cats can't even tolerate a 10 minute drive to the vet, a 4 day road trip is not acceptable.

While Willow may not give a hoot, Blackcomb, who Giselle "rescued" as an abandoned kitten, will be very sad without Giselle. Airplanes only allow one pet in the main cabin. {not one per passenger}
The other one needs to go on as "luggage." Not acceptable.

So at some point, we may need a reliable cat lover to fly out on a different airline from whatever Mark flies, to bring one of cats in the main cabin. We can figure out a way to make it worth their while!
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Best of Luck and congratulations on getting it in motion.

(Got patchouli?)

very seriously, i hope it all goes down according to your dreamvision.
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Wow this is good news. You and Mark face some challenges, yet it will all be worth the effort. Since packing up and moveing to Utah in 1996 I have not regreted a single day. Enjoy The adventure.
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Originally posted by MarkXS:
And under a darn good bar! (WTFH, we need you!)
Is this a job offer?
How much will you pay me?
I can take a class and show them how to do the stretches like I did last year in Brighton!

Good luck to both of you!
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LM & Mark,
Congratulations on the big step [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] .

You forgot to mention that you're only a block from a good brewpub, the Back Country Brewery and not too far off the bike path around Lake Dillon. We'll tip at least one in honor of HDFH [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] !

Looking forward to having you join us in Summit. Lets try and hook up with a few other Colorado Bears for a bite and brew when you make it out here in June.

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posted by LM:

So at some point, we may need a reliable cat lover to fly out on a different airline from whatever Mark flies, to bring one of cats in the main cabin. We can figure out a way to make it worth their while!
Now, twist, twist the arm...I'll go in DECEMBER.... [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Seriously, the cats will do well on long trips. I've travelled with mine lots, and they are the same way on Short car trips...howling, etc. Go to the vet. Tell them what trip you're doing. They will give you kitty sedatives.

The cats will protest all of about an hour. The rest of the journey you'll never know they're in the car! Make a little hideaway for them to disappear in. Snort was under the seat the whole way, on a blanket, and never ventured out at all! We snuck her into hotel rooms in her carrier: she ate, used the box, slept, and rode the next day without incident OR SOUND. They really howl on the short trips, but with the sedative (and you will only need it the first day, as I'm betting), the long trips are infinitely easier.

Still, I'm willing to sacrifice my time to fly out with skis to deliver the feline! I believe I can get time off. I'll even drive to the Peoples Republic of Brookline on my own! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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We are actually coming out next weekend to meet with our realtor and look at condos. Anyone want to hook up on Saturday night?
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Wow! You are really doing it! Congratulations and lots of luck. Can I suggest that you bring a couple of things from Brookline with you? You should open franchises of both JP Licks and Rubin's in the storefronts next to your studio. Neither the ice cream nor the (kosher) deli here can compare.

Don't forget that you need to buy your season passes while you are in town- they are on sale now. $329 for unlimited days at A Basin, Breck, Keystone and 10 days at Vail/BC, about the same for a Copper/ WP pass. And the conditions at A Basin are still great- bring your skis!
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Sounds like fun, let us know when you'll be available on Saturday. Hopefully other Colorado Bears will be able to join us [img]smile.gif[/img] .

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That is really super-cool. I'm envious.

Guess someone was paying attention to the Nike ads after all! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

edit: spelling.
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Lisamarie and Mark,

Way to go! If you don't go for it, you'll never know.... With your combined talents, I predict success. LM, you've been such a great source of credible fitness info, and I compare whatever else I hear with your well-formed opinions as the gold standard.

This is my first post this season, as I am No Longer A Skier. My tib-fib fracture in March 03 led to the decision that skiing for me is more risk than I am willing to take. Obviously I'm still an avid lurker and love reading about this wonderful community of skiers. And I guess I haven't completely lost my touch -- I knew Nolo was the skier in the current edge change thread. Those moves are divine! I'm with Bonni - what's to critique?

Anyway, what a year for the Bears! Bonni and Jeff hooking up, and now LM and Mark livin' the dream [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Susie, thanks, but you will be truly missed at future academies.
Bonni, there may be something else I need. We will be painting the walls of the studio. I keep visualizing some sort of blue. Any suggestions?
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:

So at some point, we may need a reliable cat lover to fly out on a different airline from whatever Mark flies, to bring one of cats in the main cabin. We can figure out a way to make it worth their while!
LM, I do not work from the end of June to the beginning of Sept. I'd love to help you out. My bags are packed! I've only flown once in my life, last year, and I loved it...but I am too POOR to afford another trip at this time, and I am trying to save up to attend next years academy...which may not happen. Also, I am single,with no children or spouse to worry about it should be easy to get away.

I am a cat lover! Here are a couple pictures of the "bosses" of my house taking over the new furniture moments after it entered the house.
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