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Early Feb trip to Sol/Bright

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Heading to BCC first week of February with the family. I am lucky enough to be going out 3 days early "to get my fill", hoping for lots of steep and deep. Family will arrive to ski Feb 7-10. Wife and kids (7 &11) are low to mid intermediates. They have only skied East Coast and are psyched to go West. Especially my 7yr old son, he can't wait to ski the trees. We are staying in Solitude and will probably ski Sol/Bright only. There will be plenty to keep them busy. so i have a few questions for the knowledgeable.


1. Planning on bringing mine and my wifes' skis. Looking to rent for the kids, we have boots for all. Any place you would recommend for rentals, Canyons sports, UT Ski and Golf, See and Ski?? They all look pretty close in price just not sure if it matters. 


2. Lift tickets: I am considering SLC Superpass as I will be skiing 7 days. It averages out to about $70 a day. Not bad but not great as window prices for Sol/Bright aren't that much different. Guessing it pays off if I get to LCC before the family arrives. Not sure it is worth it for the wife? Any other tix deals out there I am missing? Daughter is free with 5th grade pass and son will be free at Bright I think but not Solitude.


3. Any suggestions on easy glades at either Sol/Bright appreciated.


I plan on atleast one of my free days skiing Solitude but I think I really need to spend the other two at Alta/Bird. If anyone is looking to make some turns Feb 4,5,or 6 let me know. I may take advantage of Alta's boarding pass ticket, if my flight does not arrive too late tueday night, and hit there the 4th. Thanks.

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Use your boarding pass at Alta on the 4th. Get a 2 day Snowbird ticket from liftopia (61/day) for 5th/6th. Use liftopia for Brighton (46-50/day) and Solitude (63-69/day) for the other days.
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Thanks Ski, thought about the liftopia deals. I doubt I will want to make the drive to LCC three days in a row. I feel obligated to spend atleast a day scouting out BCC for when the family arrives. I also am leary of pre-purchasing tix and not being able to get there due to roads, weather, fatigue etc. If I were younger and sans family that would be a good plan.

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Brighton has a free mountain host tour in the morning.  Starts at 10:00 or 10:30.  Ask any of the mountain hosts as you get to Brighton where the meeting place is located.

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Thanks Marz. I will check that out. Do you know if the other CC resorts have similar?
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Originally Posted by bighandsray View Post

Thanks Marz. I will check that out. Do you know if the other CC resorts have similar?

Snowbird has a free mountain tour.  Alta has an Adult Mountain Workshop in the afternoon for advanced skiers that can be a good way to go with an instructor as a guide for under $100.


Not sure about Solitude.

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