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volkl kendos

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Anyone know if all the rockered Kendos are the same build? I believe the "Dragon" graphic was the first rockered version. Have they been the same since then or has the degree of rocker changed.
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FWIW the sword graphic (year before) is a ripping ski.  Don't see any for sale in the size i want (177) there are some 184 and 163.  But yes, I think you are correct.  The rocker is very subtle.  It's even marketed as extended low profile.  

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Before Xmas I got my 2013/2014 Kendo's from I also got my Knee bindings from them. Mine are 177cm  European top skin.


Check out there web site, great guy's to deal with.


The skis were good out of the wrapper, but since I have my own tune, 1/3 they are as awesome as made old Kendo's. 


Yes the tip rocker is more of a early raise then a full rocker, at least on the 2013/2014. I don't really notice any difference from my 2011 Kendo's.

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