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Liberty Mtn Resort, PA 1/9/15

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I had an outstanding day today at Liberty.  It started with $2.08 gas at Hillwood Mart in Falls Church:-)  This was my first day of the season.  I’ve been busy retiring.  It was actually pretty stressful as I wrapped up a lot of loose ends and another job possibility grabbed a lot of my attention, still looking into that.  It took me one week to get to the slopes since my last day of work. 

I got to Liberty about 1pm and conditions were great all the way until I quit about 630pm.  Tons of high quality manmade snow.  All runs open except White Lightning and Lower Strata.  The three black diamond runs on the backside, Ultra, Eastwind and Strata were skiing really well.  Same for everything else.  

Crowds were really low until about 4pm, then the buses started showing up.  Even still, lines moved quickly everywhere on the mtn.  Tomorrow could be busy, maybe Sunday too since temps to rise to moderate levels Sunday.  I’ll be skiing again tomorrow until about 2pm.  Look for old geezer in green jacket and blue pants, grey helmet.

I started on my new Nordica Vagabonds, 107mm underfoot.  They were great and pretty darn turny for a big ski.  Then I switched to my Nordica Burners, 84mm.  They are my cheater skis for bumps, which the upper blacks on backside had in pretty high definition.

I’m using Vince’s laptop in Days Inn of Gettysburg ($36 priceline) and will try to post a few pics if I can figure it out.  He’s still on the slopes instructing.  I got some video of him too.  Maybe we’ll post some of that later too, if time.

Season’s On!!!

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Looks great... glad we've gotten some cold to get the guns going and get everything open. 


Too bad White Lightning isn't open yet - I think that's my favorite run there. 


Did you happen to notice if they've put the bumps in on Lower Eastwind yet? I may give those a shot this year after skipping them last year.

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White Lightning and Lower Strata will most likely be open tomorrow.  Got intense snowmaking today.  No bumps on Lower Eastwind yet, but good skiing there and I suspect they'll cut some bumps there soon.

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Nice TR, Jim. I made it to Seven Springs today for only my second day out. I've been too busy retiring also. ;) Seven Springs had almost all of their snowmaking terrain open except Alpine Meadows because they are still working on the Spot. Groomers working all day to build the big pipe. We had a 3 to 5 inches of fresh overnight and some deeper drifts but I got there too late to score some untracked natural but the cut up stuff was nice. I lost my weekday ski buddy as he has become a conscientious  Monday to Friday ski instructor. Marcus ran out of busy retirement and now has a full time winter job. I'm not ready to answer to someone else's schedule again so I just ski.


As usual, I took a camera and as usual it never left my pocket.


I hope to visit Liberty this winter to see if Vince can teach this old dog some new tricks.


I'll hit Blue Knob next week some weekday if they have Stem and High Hopes open, probably not Monday. Extrovert would be nice but I doubt that will be ready.

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Quick video from Liberty on 1/9/15 that Vince helped me put together on my new laptop, my son Vince in blue jacket:


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