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So I hear the reports that there was a big dump last weekend, then it got HARD, with a crust. OK, fine, but that was 5 days ago.


So I get off the elevator and my bell-bud Drew looks at me and starts chuckling - going to shred the ice with those? Why, 2.5 weeks ago, my Patrons were perfect. Well, not now, and one of the check-in guys says yeah, you may want to rethink this. OK, so I go back up and grab my skinny sticks, and get on the Blackcomb gondola, but 88mm underfoot doesn't make for a banner day for me anyway.



So, how bad could it be? Well, it was pretty bad - like least-coastish bad. crust, ice, nasty, death cookies, the whole nine yards bad. Sometimes it looked like it could be so good, but you had to remind yourself there was 2-3 inches of unbreakable crust that was looking good - nothing real.


There was some nice scenery, and the light played well sometimes, but this was not the way a west coast mega-resort should be. Like I said, some nice light time and again:




The best place on Blackcomb was 7th Heaven, but that wasn't exactly exemplary


Let's see how tomorrow is, but the forecast isn't building any confidence.