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Rossignol Hero ST TI

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Product: Rossignol Hero ST TI

Length Tested:  165cm

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  122,68,104 12.5m

Camber (select one, delete the rest): Early Rise Tip w/ camber, 

Binding: System Binding

Mount point: boot center




Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test:  Sunday River

Number of Runs:  Two days of skiing

Snow Conditions: Firm....New England firm.  

Demo or Own: own


Tester Info: 

Username:  peterk123 or just Pete

Age: 48

Height/Weight: 175lbs

Ski Days/Season: 55

Years Skiing: A lot

Aggressiveness: No idea, but I suppose I fall on the aggressive side.

Current Quiver: Watea 98 in tele 180cm, Rev 105 181cm, Fischer RC GS 180cm, and the ski I am rating

Home Area: Sunday River Maine

Preferred Terrain (select one/all, delete the rest): race course, groomers, bumps, off-piste, trees



I have mooched so much info off of this site that I feel obligated to give back somehow, so here it goes.


I have never, ever skied a slalom type ski and certainly never skied anything as short as this.  I would be on 190cm skis if the trails around here were wider, but I typically settle on stuff in the 180cm range as a compromise.  Anyway.......I originally borrowed a friends race stock volkl p60s in a 165cm so I could work on getting in more turns.  Even though the ski was a total ass kicker and wanted to launch me into the next trail, I had the time of my life and found a new appreciation for groomers.   So I decided to try a non race/fis slalom ski.  Enter the Hero ST TI.  


To summarize in just one simple statement; that is a freakin' fun ski.  Certainly toned down considerably from the P60.  I am glad I took it for the day because it took some time for me to understand that it was quite a bit different.  Super edge grip, and plenty feedback when I tipped my skis properly and cranked a turn.  Nice rebound but without the fear of being launched into another hemisphere.  And that was the main difference when compared to the race ski.  It did not want to squirt from under me if I got behind a bit at the end of the turn, and it did not launch me too bad if I bent the ski and didn't have the balance just right.  Basically, it forgave me for my sloppy form.  Perfect, that was what I was looking for.  


I demoed a Head Rally a month earlier.  I really liked that ski and originally it was on my radar.  I am glad I waited.  I believe that the Hero is quite a bit stiffer, has better rebound and feedback.  Much more exciting to ski on groomers.  The Hero is not a soft ski, and if you are able to put some additional bend into it, the ski will pop you into the next turn quite nicely.  But, if you need to relax just a little, it allows for that as well.  


I don't know what ski it could be compared to, probably other cheater slaloms.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, it was my only choice and I really enjoyed it.  Now I own it.  


I need to get it into some softer snow and small bumps, just to see how manageable it is to ski.  I will report back and add to this commentary when I do.  Not that it matters, since that is not what it was intended for, but it will be fun to try.  


So, my two daily drivers now are the Head Rev 105 (which I love) and the Hero ST TI (which I love).  Talk about covering both ends of the spectrum.  I have it all covered :)


Oh, for all you wide ski people out there (anything over 80mm) and I am one of have no idea what you are missing by not having a slalom ski in your arsenal.  I am not talking about the 84mm carvers, not even close.  Get under 70mm and let it rip.  You will double or triple your time on the slopes, especially in New England.  All of a sudden those conditions that used to suck, well they become a hell of a lot of fun.  






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I've been jonesing for a carver (and proper pow ski) for a few years now.  It hasn't been so much a matter of $ as finding something that wowed me.  I used to have some Dynastar Contact 10s (64 waist) that railed easily and were perfect for me and the right mission. I got rid of them when I fell in love with off-piste.


I'll give these a try, thanks.

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I would second PeterK's praise of the Rossignol Hero ST-ti (non-fis version).  I have been skiing it this winter, and really appreciate that its more versatile that the true FIS-race stock version and one need not rip at 100% at all times to get it to perform. 


In all honesty, I've enjoyed it so much, I am seriously considering purchasing the LT or long turn version next season.

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Where did you get your demo ST? Did they have the LT? My wife and I are coming up to Sunday River for Go 50 Week at the end of January and might want to demo these, though on the longish side +180 cm.
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Go to the Ski Depot, the former Jack Frost.  I believe they had the LT.  I used a fischer rc 4 cheater gs in a 180, which is why I ended up purchasing the slalom.  I am going 50mph after three turns on that thing on the trails at SR.  Enjoy, hopefully the trails are empty when you let that thing loose :)

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Alas what I need is an ST but they don't come in my size (200 cm). Thus my interest in demoing the LT. 50 mph?Still might be too much ski for my needs.
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Sorry, I was ambiguous at best....50 on the gs ski.  Much easier to control speed on the Hero ST.  It is a great ski.  I had it in some mellow bumps as well last weekend and they were quite manageable.  I think Top Gun and Shockwave are open this weekend, so I will get a chance to try them out as an "all mountain" ski, not that it was really intended for that purpose, but should be fun to try. I never realized until I started to search on this forum how many folks are on SL skis for every day skiing.  Definitely tougher on the legs, and makes for a great workout.  But some of the most exciting skis I ever had under my feet.  Enjoy.  Talk to Hack, Kenny or Dewey if you got to Ski Depot.  They know their stuff.  Great guys.

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