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Boot fit for AT- Need to tweak fit

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So I finally got my rig out yesterday (Dynafit One's, Speed Radicals and Soul7's) and absolutely loved the setup.  I skinned about 1.5 miles up on groomed out access road to start. About  800 vert. 


Question: My LSS put me in a higher volume fit than my Alpine boots which makes sense but how tight or snug should they fit for the "up" vs the down? I could still feel my heel lift on the upstep and the forefoot felt a little loose (laterally) I have room to tighten down.  For the down, I tightened them up quite a bit and they felt fine.  


Hooked already!  Just need to learn how to manage skins better then taking off :)  

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I like to leave my boots loose for greater comfort and range of motion, but not so loose as to encourage blisters from friction. Perhaps you can loosen the upper buckles and strap and perhaps the toe buckle and leave the instep buckle tight to keep your heel in the pocket. But everyone finds their own comfort spot for skinning. I tour with some people that loosen everything and don't get blisters, and some that only unlock the walk mode for the trip up.

Skins: I use a Sharpie (TM) to mark the midpoint of the skins, then grab them there and more or less pull them through the fingers of my other hand to stick the glue sides together. Then fold again and stuff them in a pack.

Google "folding ski skins" for videos of various methods, but mostly for this one:
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@Bob Lee


Great info!  Thanks, I leave top strap and top buckle undone, 3rd buckle loose in walk mode.  I will try tightening up instep a bit more.  


I have seen that video :)  


I do like the sharpie trick.  Thanks.  

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The advice Dynafit gives is to tighten the instep strap just enough to keep your heel in the heel pocket.  Works for me on my TLT5 and TLT6 (just 2 buckles anyway).  If I don't do that I get up and down movement in the heel and accelerated liner wear as well.  I only tighten the lower strap for the down if the snow conditions are cruddy.

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As above, tight enough that your heel doesn't move in the heel pocket and give you blisters.  Funnily enough my Scarpa Maestrael are almost as tight a fit as my Lang Comp alpine boots when buckled up, just without the uber stiffness, weight and and and and.......

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This is great info, I am going out today and will adjust as advised.  Thumbs Up

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Oh, and the newer Dynafit boots are purposefully made to have a big toe box because that helps keep your feet warm in the snow in the bc--compressed toes/forefoot get cold quick; on these boots it is the instep buckle that is most important in keep the foot stable; like above, I sometimes tighten down on the toe buckle on my Dynafit Zzeus (4-buckle boot) if I feel my feet moving inside the boot, but it is usually not necessary to tighten to the point where I feel pressure on the forefoot (the Zzeus in a older "crossover" AT/Alpine style boot).

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