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Easter Weekend (April 3-7)

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Planning a ski trip for Easter weekend this year. Will be traveling with grandma - 70 year old skier, mostly blue groomers these days, grandpa - 78 year old non skier, likes to sit in lodges, read and people watch, me - adaptive snowboarder due to a nerve injury, will probably do mostly blues and greens, the kid - 12 year old, likes blues and easy blacks, would like to have him in lessons so he can learn skills and enjoy the company of other kids.



1. Need to be able to leave home at 1pm, drive 1-2 hours to LAX and get to where we plan to stay and get to bed before the middle of the night

2. Not too crowded (hard going from a fast skier who only needs to worry about the people in front of me to being slow with people whizzing past, especially when you end up looking up hill at them all the time while snowboarding!!)

3. Good chance for decent snow conditions, ice is rather terrifying these days.

4. No car involved, would drive to Mammoth from home but for anywhere else do not want to deal with a rental car in snow


Would be nice:

1. Slopeside lodging

2. Good, and very convenient, food


Have done some research and so far thinking of:




Mt Bachelor

Some Summit County resort


I am most familiar with Mammoth and Snowmass. We have done Snowmass on President's day the past 2 years and it was perfect for our group, have never been there in April. I am sure I have skied Mammoth on Easter weekend in April before, in fact I think one of the biggest dumps I ever saw there was that week, but it was also over 20 years ago. In general the idea of Mammoth on a holiday weekend is terrifying because of crowds, but I'm not sure what Easter weekend is like these days. The others I know much less about.


Any thoughts on crowds for these on an Easter weekend in the beginning of April (particularly for Mammoth, Summit County, or Brighton)?


I was thinking we will probably wait a bit longer before making plans to get a better idea of how the season is going (I know Mammoth is off to a slow start, yet again) but need to fly for most of these, so can't wait until the last minute either.


Any other thoughts for us?



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Altitude!  It usually makes Summit County hard to beat in April... but with your 70 and 78 year old grandparents, I'd be careful about taking them up there.

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Hmm, didn't really think about that. We have done well staying at the Main Lodge at Mammoth and at the Mall in Snowmass, but I see those are lower than some of the Summit County resort bases. Staying lower and driving up would make things much less convenient. No smokers in our group at least, but we all live at sea level and don't really have extra time for acclimatization.


I think the older 2 stayed in Cusco a few years ago (11,000 ft), so I will have to ask how that went. My son and I have stayed at over 10000ft, so we should be fine.

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I've skied Summit County once in spring, and it was great, if you're ok with the altitude. The front of Keystone in particular really seems like a great place for a family with mixed abilities.


In Utah, I wouldn't necessarily recommend Brighton as the focus of the trip. The on-slope lodging is much more limited/downmarket at Brighton than at Solitude, Alta, or Snowbird--all of which should have similar conditions. And taking the bus everyday from Salt Lake, while feasible if you're on a budget, sounds like more of a hassle than it's worth.


I don't know the first thing about the different adaptive programs, though, and I'm guessing that might play a significant role in your choice, too.

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Keystone or Copper in Summit County are options.  Both have a village at the base with lots of lodging close to the lifts and a good selection of greens and blues.  Base altitude is a possible issue as noted, but the altitude will help with snow conditions.  Summit County in early April can be great. 

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I have never been to any of the Cottonwood canyon resorts, so can't say I know much about them. Alta is definitely out because of no snowboarding (wish I could ski, but gotta work with what I've got physically). My impression was Snowbird was not ideal for our ability levels, but I'm happy to be corrected.


Although I know it is probably more typical with those resorts (and maybe Summit County ones too) to do several different resorts in a trip, with our group we will probably do better just planning on one.


Priorities in order of importance are conditions, crowds, convenience, then anything else (including budget, food, and non skiing activities). I know April is typically not an issue for crowds skiing, but worry about the Easter weekend aspect of it. Snowmass will be fine (since President's Day is fine there), but I have no idea about the others.


Thanks for the things to think about so far!

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Hope you don't mind my jumping in on this one.  This is a question for the I-70 & Summit County regulars:


What are the crowds likely to be like at Copper or Loveland on Easter Weekend, given that it hits in April this year?  Spring Break will be over and it will be April, but a holiday weekend may draw them anyway?  I am considering a short trip, coming in Thursday to ski Fri-Sun if more snow happens and base holds up.    

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My experience is the entire week prior to Easter is pretty crowded. Many non CO schools are on spring break that week and the area gets a huge influx of folks from central and south america during this timeframe.

That said we usually travel out that week and for the most part avoid the crowds by managing our day. I've never been to Loveland when it was crazy crowded.
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Heading back home from Snowmass today. Another perfect trip there. I didn't make the reservations until they had gotten over 4 feet in 10 days at the beginning of March, without that snow it might have been pretty bad, but coverage was great, they got 4+ inches the night we arrived to freshen things up and then had perfect spring weather with winter conditions up top and good spring conditions down low.


No crowds and for convenience it just can't be beat.

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