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Log off, clear your browser's cookies and cache and log back on.

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dchan - Thanks a TON! I have my old member number back. Excellent! I feel like ME again.
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hobble du gaga
hobble du gaga

(copyright Doug Tracht/"The Greaseman")
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Originally posted by gonzostrike:
hobble du gaga
hobble du gaga

(copyright Doug Tracht/"The Greaseman")
I'd recognize it any where!!!
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how's life in the old homeland, Gill?

-Sgt Fury
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Hey Gonz - Sorry it's taken me 4 months to reply. I haven't been checking in here as often this Summer. Life's good. I have a 1 month old to take care of now. She's amazing! My life truely changed for the better the first second I held her in my arms.

Here's a shot of her:

Here's one oe me and her in a rare moment of rest (she even sleeps like me):

Here's my favorite:
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Congrats Gill! Take in everymoment as they grow very quickly. It's kind of cliche, I know, but I was amazed at how quickly my daughter changes. She's now 19 months. They go from a tiny little baby to crazy little toddler in 18 months. Enjoy every minute!
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Ahhh what a cutie, looks Smart too
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Awwwwwwwww! Daddy's little girl! She's a cutie! Treasure these moments. Before you know it you'll be putting her on the bus for her first day of school... worrying as she is out on her first date... attending her high school graduation... paying for her college... paying for her wedding...
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