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Copper or Winter Park?

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How's Copper vs Winter Park condition-wise so far? The snow depth look to be similar according to their web site. I'm just wondering what the on the ground condition is like and how each actually skis. 

I'll be going to Colorado in 2 weeks. I have the RMSP so either mountain are fair game. I'm familiar with both mountain, and usually do a little bit of everything: groomers, open bowl, bumps, trees, etc.


Is one mountain skiing significantly better than the other? Or are they both more or less similar in actual condition? 

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I haven't been to the Jane for two weeks, but here's my impression:  Copper is having a stellar year and WP is average or a bit below.  


There were several storms the really nailed Copper and not WP.  Usually it's the other way around.  I also think Copper's slightly higher elevation is helping surface conditions survive some weird warm weather.  Copper is skiing as well as I can remember for the first week of January.


One other thing favoring Copper:   A big part of the fun at Copper is the open bowls.  They are fun and safe to ski with this base depth.   A big part of the fun at the Jane is the trees.   They are fun right now, but still pretty sketchy.  That's a bad combo.  I couldn't keep myself out of the trees, so I'm staying away until the base is north of maybe 50 inches.   Good thing I don't ski backcountry... no self control!

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That said, I'd suggest keeping your plans flexible, if possible.  If the Jane get a lot more snow out of the next storm, I'll be heading there in a heartbeat!   One of the nice things about the RMSP is better geographic diversity between the resorts.  Use that to your advantage!

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Always best to get the locals to give a practical perspective that the "numbers" don't tell. 

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