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Toddler gear

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I've talked to a few people who started their kids skiing at 18 months. My daughter almost 2 years old, and while small, is very coordinated. We'll be at Copper next week. Is there any reason it's too early to take her to the hill (not even going on any lifts, just walking up and teaching her to ride down)? Either with real (extremely tiny) equipment, or just strapping some cheap Walmart fake skis to her boots? Is there any place in Summit County or Copper that rents extremely tiny gear? Dynastar makes a "My First Ski" (smallest is 67cm length) that looks like it would be about the right size.


This would be mid-week, so no Saturday amount of people.

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Lot of threads about this. I'd say the large majority stress making sure kids at this age (2-3) are 1) warm, 2) get lots of hot chocolate, 3) have plenty of time to build snowmen, 4) maybe try a bit of walking around in a ski school class for little little ones, 5) are not pushed to do something they don't want to do, and 6) did I mention warm? Really dubious about the need for buying skis and gear.


I didn't start mine until 3, they didn't seem to suffer for the wait. YMMV, all good. 

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Don't spend a lot of money on gear for a child that little.  Rent at the resort simply so you don't have to carry their gear and yours.  Most major places will have ski wee programs with boots starting around 15 or 16 mondo, toddler ten maybe?  If you get an opportunity to get some cheap used gear go for it.  It's fun to have at home.  They can play with it in the yard even if there is no snow... stomping around in the boots, practicing putting the skis on and taking them off, falling and getting back up.. But again,. don't bother to buy new gear and rent at the resort if you can.  They will outgrow it in 6 months.  Also, most ski shops do seasonal rentals and will let kids swap stuff when they outgrow it mid season.  That is the best deal of all for those that think new(er) gear is best for their kids.. especially if they will be skiing often, really learning instead of just having fun in the snow with an instructor while mom and dad ski.

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We rent our kids' gear for the season.  We find its the easiest for us.  Kids are all different.  Our youngest will be 3 in March and she's been in ski school 4 days this season.  She has been gung-ho to ski since she saw her sister do it last year.  This was not the case with our oldest, who has taken a couple of years to warm up to it.   Keep it fun and keep it warm.  
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At this age I think it's as much about getting them used to having something on their feet.  We have a pair of those plastic skis that just strap to snow boots, I would say they are worth the investment for the kid to get used to the idea, tromp around the yard/driveway/living room.


I would second Beyond's post above.  Keep it fun, don't have any expectations, and if it devolves into making snow angels, or whatever, go with it.  Fun is the most important thing.  All of the rest will come.

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We started both our girls at 2.5.  But not at the ski resorts, because of the huge hassle (crowds) with not much to show for it.


Our youngest is now 3.5 and she can ski and get on and off the lift without incidence, but she lacks the maturely to ski on the slopes with others, so it's day care for her at the resorts (for her own safety).  We'll kept teaching her on our property when the snow's good.


As long as you go into it with zero expectations and are OK if your kid doesn't ski at all, then go for it.


Learning to walk in the snow is enough of a challenge for most 2 year olds.  Kids love snow though.  Even in late spring, my kids seem to find that one patch of snow in the shade and play in it all afternoon.

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