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GS skis for MI highschool racing?

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As some of you probably know, the hills in Michigan are short which results in a tighter course. Please keep in mind that these hills are not even mountains.


I'm 16, 5'11" and 135#  starting racing this year, I can carve my 165 slaloms pretty well out of the course-havent tried in the course yet, but looking for some good 155-158s (preferably soft like Rossi or Dynastar) to buy/trade for.  But the real question is what size gs skis to look for?  I found a cheap pair of 175s, but that seems huge to me compared to the 165s and 155s I've only ever skied recently... what do I know though? I can't use my 165 sl for gs can I? I've tried some bigger hills, and I really have to fight to keep the turns big and keep them edged. 


Thanks as always!

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Sorry, I know it needs to be in the gear discussion, but idk how to move it.

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I've done some skiing in Michigan when I went to college at UofM and did a couple of NASTAR races. If you're in the LP (Mt. Holly, Pine Knob, some other random hill), there is absolutely nothing there that will require the use of GS skis. You will struggle to build any speed at all, making it very hard to turn on GS skis.


There is perhaps 1 run in the UP (Boyne) that "may" require GS skis, but even that tends to be a joke given how short it is. In my opinion, the trails in Michigan are far too flat, and where there is some steepness, far too short to build up the speeds necessary to adequately flex a proper GS ski. Short, precise turns are what you will need to master and SL skis will be more than up for the task.


With that said 165cm is probably too short - I would aim for 170cm -175cm at your height and weight and even then wouldn't go for the super stiff SL skis given you're going to have a hard time bending them at your weight and given how slow the Michigan runs are. Given how you mentioned you are struggling on turns, think a few lessons will be in order. Going with shorter skis will make things easier but will not encourage you fixing flaws in your technique. 155cm is far too short for you, especially given there is nothing challenging enough in Michigan to make you struggle with 165cm or longer skis.


Btw, what high school are you racing for? I had a few college buddies who went to East Jordan in the UP and the Bloomfield Hills schools in the LP, and some of them owned GS skis, but some of them not - but then this was back in in 1990s and ski technology has obviously changed a lot since then.

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Racing for Brighton, but going to Chelsea. And thanks. Yeah I'm getting some extra help from my coaches now. First day in the gates came as a smack to the face... Not quite literally. Thanks goodness for chinguards smile.gif
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Ah well good luck to you! One of my biggest regrets in high school was that I didn't join the ski team (did swimming instead). I think you'll have a blast and when you're done with school, as long as you keep it up, you'll have a really great platform to develop your skiing.

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